Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire de France

  • 12/3/13 2:51 PM


The Communist Revolutionary Party of France (PCRF) was created in October 2016 in Paris following the failure of the unification between the Union of the Revolutionary Communists of France (URCF) and another organization. But the question of the creation of the Party arose when the majority of the Communist Coordination in 2001 had come to the conclusion that the time of the internal opposition to the PCF had passed and that it was necessary to engage in the construction of the a new Communist Party continuing the work of the Revolutionary PCF.
From that timethe question of strategy and tactics started to be an issue. It was necessary to analyze the causes of the PCF's rallying to Euro-communism and finally to Social Democracy. It was the merit of the URCF to have made this analysis that our Party has taken over and which it intends to extend.
After evaluating the history of the international communist movement, we consider that the 20th Congress of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) led to opportunism and revisionism. In the historical context of ideological domination of the counter-revolution and the ensuing liquidation tendencies, the PCRF reaffirms the scientific basis of the Marxist-Leninist analysis and the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.
Concerning the French labor movement, the materialistic source of the opportunist domination results from the imperialist nature of France state, from the possibility for the monopolistic capital - thanks to the colossal profits of the plundering of the dominated countries - to maintain a "working-class aristocracy" and the bureaucracy it produces.
Its historical source lies in the tendency of the working-class movement in France to subordinate its action to alliances with certain "republican" or social-democratic bourgeois sectors, instead of putting forward the revolutionary objectives peculiar to the proletariat.
Finally, the political source of the opportunist’s domination stems from the tendency to disconnect from the socialist revolution the (desirable) achievement of intermediate objectives; therefore socialism has become an ever more distant objective for the PCF.
The crisis that affects the capitalist world is not a temporary crisis. It is a crisis of the capitalist system in its ultimate stage, imperialism, and reflects the historical exhaustion of capitalism, which objectively raises the question of the socialist revolution to build socialist-communist society as the only possible alternative.
For the PCRF, building the Party means to give priority to the work towards the proletariat with the aim of establishing itself in companies.Thus we contribute to helping the working class and the masses to acquire revolutionary class consciousness and to prepare for revolution.
Under present conditions, proletarian internationalism is more than ever an integral part of our struggle, and requires permanent co-operation and coordination between the Communist and Workers' Parties.
In this fight, the struggle against the European Union and NATO (the emanations of capitalist monopolies and financial capital), in order to break with them, is inseparable from the battle for socialism and communism and cannot be isolated from this perspective without risking to put the working class to the trail of certain sectors of the bourgeoisie.
The PCRF is fighting back the anti-Soviet and anti-communist propaganda, against the imperialist war politics, in particular against the Social Democracy and class-union trade unionism in the imperialist EU, against the tendencies Opportunists in the communist movement!