Statement of the Secretariat of the “Initiative” on the recent developments in the Ukraine

  • 1/29/14 9:12 AM

The Secretariat of the European communist “Initiative” assesses that the recent bloody developments in the Ukraine highlight the intervention of the USA-EU in the internal affairs of this country, the confrontation between sections of capital with the involvement of imperialist powers that are fighting each other over who will prevail in a relentless competition over markets and energy resources. There is an attempt to entangle the people of the Ukraine on the one or the other side of this confrontation.
We call on the workers of Ukraine to organize their own independent struggle according to their interests for socialism and not according to which imperialist the one or the other section of the plutocracy of their country chooses.
The Secretariat condemns the activity of the fascist forces, the anticommunist offensive and the tearing down of the statue of Lenin.
Socialism remains as timely and necessary as ever. This is the perspective against all capitalist interstate unions in order to pave the way for an economy and society which will not operate on the basis of profit but on the basis of the needs of the working people.

Brussels 27/1/2014