Statement of the Secretariat of the Initiative on the NATO Summit in Wales, 4-5 September 2014

  • 9/4/14 3:32 PM

The NATO summit, which is being held on the 4-5 September in Wales, is the launch pad for dangerous decisions at the expense of the peoples. NATO, an aggressive imperialist war machine that expresses and serves the interests and profitability of the monopolies, is planning to reinforce its operational capacity in order to intervene across the world in the interests of the imperialists, in conditions where competition is sharpening amongst them.

The NATO summit, examining the enhancement of cooperation and coordination between NATO and the EU, the so-called “anti-missile shield”, the increased budgets for arms programs in the member-states and the plans for a stronger association of Ukraine with NATO as its focus, marks, in particular, the dangerous and dramatic developments that the imperialist intervention of USA-EU-NATO in Ukraine has created in their competition with Russia. NATO is also promoting the strengthening of the so-called flexible rapid reaction units and the establishment of murderous aerial drone formations in order to implement its reactionary plans more effectively.

NATO is not a “protector of the security of the peoples of Europe” as it provocatively claims. On the contrary, it is a dangerous enemy of the peoples and their struggles and its interventions bring wars, suffering, dictatorships and coups.

NATO is an enemy of peace and social progress. It exists in the interests of imperialism. It is only through resistance to NATO and its plans, and the plans of the EU and the other imperialist organizations, that the peoples of Europe in every country and through coordinated struggles can chart their own path, without capitalist exploitation and wars.