Statement of the Secretariat of the Initiative in solidarity with the struggle of the greek small and medium farmers

  • 2/21/17 9:34 AM

The Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative, with the participation of 29 Communist and Workers' Parties from all over Europe, sends warm militant greetings to the struggling small and medium farmers in Greece, who are to be found in this period in the roadblocks of struggle against the political line of the EU and the SYRIZA-ANEL government that in order to serve the interests of the monopolies is driving them off the land. Similar measures are being taken all over Europe against the small producers and the right of the people to enjoy cheap and good quality agricultural products. These harsh measures are being promoted in order to drive the small and medium farmers off the land, with the goal of concentrating land and production into the hands of the few, serving the interests of the big farmers, big retailers, the agroindustry.

We express our full internationalist solidarity with the struggle of the small and medium farmers in Greece. The hope that obstacles can be placed in the way of the attempt to drive them off the land is to be found in the struggles, in the alliance of the workers with the small and medium farmers and other popular strata against the monopolies, the EU and their system.