Statement of the Secretariat of the “INITIATIVE” on the ongoing imperialist interventions and rivalries

  • 8/25/14 11:39 AM

The European Communist Initiative expresses its deep concern regarding the warfare that has broken out on a large geographical scale, from Ukraine and the Southeast Mediterranean to the Middle East and Africa with thousands of dead and wounded, displaced persons and refugees. These developments reveal the fierce imperialist rivalries between the monopoly groups in order to impose their interests by force of arms.

This rivalry focuses on what energy sources and transport routes will be controlled by which business groups, which imperialist powers in conditions of capitalist crisis. The EU, this union of the monopolies, plays a leading role in the imperialist aggression through trade sanctions and restrictions that cause retaliation, ultimately causing the people to pay a heavy price.

In order to ensure the imperialist plunder, the US, EU and NATO proceeded to imperialist intervention in Ukraine, supporting the government supported by fascist forces in their antagonism towards Russia. The ongoing murderous attack by Israel against the Palestinian people is backed by the US and the EU and provocatively equates the aggressor with the victim, tries to silence and disregard the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and to criminalise the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to resist.

The imperialists also use well-known, unacceptable pretexts regarding “humanitarian assistance and protection of the population” in order to intervene again in Iraq with bombings, as well as in African countries such as Mali, Libya, Central African Republic, Sudan and Chad, with expeditionary forces in the name of dealing with Islamists who were previously supported and armed by the USA, the EU and their allies.

The European Communist Initiative highlights the danger of changes in borders and the disintegration of states, of a generalized military confrontation that will bring about new hardships for the people. Although they live in countries rich in natural resources people are condemned to live in poverty, unemployment and war. The cause for this is nothing other than the dominance of the monopolies, the capitalist system itself.

The European Communist Initiative calls on the peoples of Europe to strengthen their struggle against all the imperialist plans; to express in practice their solidarity with the Palestinian people, with every people that stands up to imperialism; with their struggle against the EU and big capital to assert their right to the ownership of the wealth they produce.

The Secretariat of the INITIATIVE