Statement of the Secretariat of the “INITIATIVE” on the new tragedy of immigrants in Farmakonisi

  • 1/29/14 9:10 AM

On the occasion of the recent tragic shipwreck in Farmakonisi, with two dead and several missing persons, the Secretariat of the European Communist “Initiative” denounces the EU as well as the Greek Presidency regarding the increasing repression against immigrants and refugees who have been uprooted due to poverty, due to reactionary regimes and imperialist wars.
The waves of immigrants and refugees who suffer from hunger, destitution and persecution will continues and increase enormously as long as the abovementioned causes remain and sharpen.
We struggle against repression and discrimination against immigrants, against the EU apparatus of Dublin II Regulation. The peoples must strengthen their struggle against the exploitative capitalist system that breeds and inflates the problem of immigration.

Brussels 27/1/2014