Statement of the Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative. Solidarity with the people of the United States!

  • 6/9/20 3:42 PM
  • Διεθνές Τμήμα

The European Communist Initiative expresses its solidarity with the people of the United States, who are facing violence and repression by the US government of Trump.

Racism and social inequality, which have once again surfaced, both with the brutal assassination of George Floyd as well as with the deaths of tens of thousands of people from the pandemic, are the other side of US imperialist barbarism. who with the complicity of the imperialist EU, have imposed the criminal blockade of Cuba, openly intervene in Venezuela, reinforce the massacre of the Palestinian people by the state of Israel and so on.

The developments in the United States dispel the myth of the so-called "American Dream", highlight the painful consequences of capitalism against peoples and highlight the necessity and timeliness of Socialism.

We call on the peoples of Europe and around the world to denounce the authoritarianism and repression of the US government against the protesters and to stand in solidarity with the people of the United States.

Long live internationalist solidarity!