Statement of the Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative on the new school year

  • 9/21/18 1:59 PM
  • Διεθνές Τμήμα

Since years, the European Union has been implementing a strategy aimed at the total subordination of the educational systems of the different European countries to the interests of big capital, the monopolies.

The plans of the EU, specified in a multifaceted way by the governments of each country, represent a constant aggression against the students and the working and popular families, who increasingly have greater difficulties in accessing higher education because of the high cost of it, and also against the education workers, whose working conditions are getting worse as the participation of private capital in educational systems is extended and reinforces the commercialization of education.

The educational system that is being implemented in the different countries of the EU is not aimed at comprehensive education, the personal, cultural and social development of personality the students, but at the detached, fragmented knowledge for generation of the cheap labour force that the capitalists need. The generalization of phenomena such as unpaid internships, apprenticeships and "stages" implies a situation of absolute exploitation that, in addition, generates a downward pressure on the salaries of the rest of the workers, as well as the creation of double or triple labour scales within the companies, deepening in the division of the working class that benefits the capitalists.

The promotion of capitalist and anti-communist ideology is also being reinforced in the curricula of and content of the different educational levels. Not only is capitalism promoted as the only possible development path for capital, promoting processes of privatization and commodification under masks such as "entrepreneurship", competitiveness, the so-called European Idea at a general level, but also manipulated and distorted views of history that operate as propaganda against the socialist construction processes in Europe and the rest of the world. It is intended that the sons and daughters of the working class ignore the history, contribution and struggles of their class and assume as their own the ideological postulates of the bourgeoisie, their interests and their reactionary vision of the world.

In many countries this situation is aggravated by a reinforced presence of religion/religious tenets in schools and educational centers. The promotion of irrational, anti-scientific positions grows and favors the development of reactionary and xenophobic political positions in Europe, whose despicable consequences we are seeing today in many countries.

The Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative appeals to students of all levels, to families of working and popular extraction and to workers of education, as well as to the workers' and people's movement as a whole, to continue and intensify the struggle against the privatization and commodification of the educational system, for the expulsion of private capital from schools and universities, the increase of funding for state schools, for exclusively public and free educational systems, for real education based on the achievements of science and technology in opposition to the capitalist economic interests and the bourgeois worldview. The achievement of the goal of such an education system is inextricably linked to the struggle for another society without the exploitation of man by man, socialism.