Statement of the European Communist Initiative on the murderous attacks in France

  • 1/28/15 10:09 AM

The European Communist Initiative with sadness and anger condemns the criminal attacks of the so-called “jihadists” in France.

Beyond the obvious denunciation of these attacks, the people should reflect on the issue in its entirety. The specific mechanisms and networks that executed these attacks are linked to the interests that are served by their murderous and provocative activity. The “jihadists” are the creation of imperialism; they were supported and utilized in order to implement the plans of the USA, NATO and the EU in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. It is well-known that these groups were funded, trained and armed in all the previous years by the USA, the EU, NATO, their member-states and their allies. It is these powers that bear enormous responsibilities for what is happening today.

The campaign currently being launched by the EU and NATO and their governments, hand in hand with the bourgeois mass media and other centres, is attempting to promote the position of “everyone united” in the “struggle against terrorism”. Those who play the leading role in creating and strengthening the jihadists, in butchering the peoples, carrying out imperialist wars are not and cannot be “united” with the peoples. Those who are laying waste to every remaining labour, popular and democratic right cannot “be united” with the peoples. Those who are systematically utilizing the activity of such mechanisms in order to foster religious and other discrimination amongst the peoples can not “be united” with them. The capitalist system, the system they all serve, is what nurtures and reproduces fascism and its formations. The discussion about illegal immigration serves the anti-immigrant line of the EU that opens and closes the borders in line with the needs of capital and that via FRONTEX and the EU “TRITON” program leads to the mass drowning of immigrants and refugees, the victims of imperialist interventions.

The people have the experience of September the 11th for which they paid a very high price through wars, imperialist interventions, barbaric repression, the restriction of civil liberties and the implementation of barbaric anti-worker measures in the name of “security against terrorism”, while the business groups made a fortune.

This new offensive against the peoples aims at silencing the workers’ struggles in a period when the anti-people measures, at preventing the peoples from organizing their struggles and at making them accept the present-day chains so that they will live in poverty and destitution.

The European Communist Initiative expresses its solidarity with the French people and stresses that the peoples of Europe can reject the false and hypocritical “calls for unity” of the bourgeoisie and without delay organize their struggle. They themselves can prevent these new anti-people plans through their struggle, reject the attempts to intimidate them, play the leading role in the fight against the EU and NATO, overthrow the system of exploitation and impose their own development path where they have the power to do so.