Statement of the European Communist Initiative Secretariat against the anticommunist persecutions of the Communist Party of Poland and its cadres

  • 2/28/18 2:43 PM

The repetition of the anticommunist trial against the CP of Poland and its cadres is scheduled for March 1st.
It is a trial that has been continuing for the last two years, with the provocative accusation of “propaganda of communist ideology” in the newspaper “Brzask” and the website of the CP of Poland, with threats of sentences of up to two years in prison.
The Polish authorities, which set up this trial, are attempting to outlaw the CP of Poland. A new law on de-communisation was also introduced to remove monuments and the names of the streets associated with the history of the workers' and communist movement. These anti-communist measures are created as part of a process of rewriting history.
The European Communist Initiative condemns and denounces such unacceptable persecutions against the CP of Poland and its cadres. These repressions are part of the anti-communist measures and prohibitions of the bourgeois governments endorsed by various EU countries and actively promoted under the official anti-communist ideology of the EU. These acts are part of the provocative and anti-historical propaganda regarding totalitarianism and the false attempts to equate communism with the monster of fascism, which is created by capitalism and its barbarity.
These restrictions and prohibitions at the expense of the Communist Parties and communist symbols, the limitation of the communists’ activity, the repression of the labour movement are yet another feature of the intensification of the attack against the rights of the working class and the other popular strata.
The European Communist Initiative demands:
• An immediate cessation of all persecutions against the CP of Poland, its members and cadres.
• The abolition of all anti-communist laws and the reactionary legislative framework in Poland and in all countries where Communist Parties are persecuted.
• Solidarity with the communists and the class-oriented labour movement of Poland!
The European Communist Initiative declares:
• Anti-communism and the prohibitions will not succeed!
• Our parties will escalate the protests in our countries against the machinations of the Polish government and authorities.
• Hands off the communists!

The Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative