Statement of the ECI Secretariat on the International Women'sDay

  • 3/11/20 11:38 AM
  • Διεθνές Τμήμα

The ECI salutes International Women'sDay!

Today, notonlysocialdiscrimination in EU'sstate-membersat the expense of womenaremaintained, butalsodeepenedas a result of capitalistexploitation and a consequence of the all-roundedattack of the capitalwithharshmeasuresagainstwomen's of the workingclass, salariedscientists, self-employed, farmers, pensioners. Itisdemonstratedagainthatlack of stabledaily and weeklyworkinghours, in conditionswherewomenbearalmost the exclusiveresponsibility for caring for the family, the generalizedinsecurity of the workingwoman, arenot a result of someso-called "wrong" politicalchoices of the EU and itsgovernments.

The EU and itsgovernments in a unitarywaydefend the fundamentalaxis of the EU strategy for intensifying the exploitation and oppression of salariedwomen, as a means for improvement of the competitiveness of the businessgroups. Byinvoking "genderequality", "equaltreatment", "equalopportunities", "balancingprofessional and personallife", theyabolish the last of the rightssuchasrestrictingnight-shifts for women, maternityleaves, positivedifference in the retirementageetc.

The ECI calls for the strengthening of the struggle for permanentdefense of the contemporaryrights of women in work, socialprotection of maternity and family.
Onlywith the economic and politicalpower in the hands of the workingclasscanwomen'swork and use of free-time take on a creativecontent; thisis the way for equality and emancipation of womentobebuiltuponsolidfoundations.

The Secretariat of the European CommunistInitiative