Statement from the European Communist Initiative on the TTIP

  • 9/7/15 12:21 PM

The Communist and Workers' Parties that are part of the European Communist Initiative express their firm rejection of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty (TTIP), which is currently under negotiation between the EU and the USA.

This treaty represents a new attempt by European and American monopolies to strengthen their positions through the creation of a large economic area without barriers for the circulation of goods and investment, which would cover approximately 40% of world trade, about half of world GDP and more than 800 million people.

We believe that the negotiation of this Treaty is closely related to the transformation of the international balance of power between capitalist countries or groups of capitalist countries and is the result of the sharpening of the contradictions with the emerging capitalist powers who seek a greater role on the international stage.

The main task of TTIP is none other than the elimination of any barrier or obstacle to the expansion and activities of the monopolies on either side of the Atlantic Ocean. This necessarily involves the comparison of the laws and regulations governing a large number of economic sectors in the direct interest of the monopolies, which results in the worsening conditions of life and work for the great majorities of working people. As a result, despite the negotiations exceeding the ninth round in April, the exact terms of the agreement remain under deep secrecy two years since its inception, which again clearly demonstrates the openly undemocratic nature of the imperialist project of the EU.

Those who will suffer most directly the consequences of the creation of this area of trade and investment through the implementation of the TTIP will be the workers. As a result of the transformation of much of the regulatory framework of labor relations, of the rules on health and safety and the right to freedom of association, among other things, both US and European monopolies will have full freedom to submit the working class of our countries to unprecedented degrees of exploitation.

In addition, legislation in such sensitive areas as the environment, culture and food security as well as some public services essential to the livelihoods of millions of people, such as health, education and water management, will be subject to dispute by the monopolies in order to increase their rate of profit and to encourage a greater degree of concentration and centralization of capital worldwide.

Moreover, like other free trade agreements, the TTIP envisages the creation of an investor-state arbitration body, whose objective is to be an instrument in the hands of monopolies so as to claim compensation from states, form “a safe environment for investments”, and safeguard their profits.

The European Communist Initiative warns the working class and popular sectors of the member states of the European Union that the TTIP can only be considered as the extension of the policy of monopolies in total opposition of their most basic needs and interests. The peoples must ignore the false promises offered by the EU and its bodies about TTIP and expose the role of the bourgeois forces of the new social democracy as well as of the opportunist forces like the forces of the ELP which put forward proposals that seek to rectify and prettify the EU which like TTIP, the economic NATO cannot be reformed and must be rejected.

Consequently, we call on the working class and the whole working people to reject and fight against this Treaty, as part of their general struggle against the EU, the monopolies and their power.

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