Solidarity statement of the Secretariat of the Initiative with the Palestinian people

  • 11/29/14 10:41 AM

Solidarity statement of the Secretariat of the Initiative with the Palestinian people

The European Communist “INITIATIVE” calls on the peoples of Europe to strengthen the struggle:

For the end of the Israeli occupation and create an independent, viable and sovereign Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as the capital.

For all the political, economic and military agreements between the EU and Israel to be annulled immediately.

For the unacceptable wall to be torn down and for the release of all Palestinian political prisoners.

For the end of the settlements and the withdrawal of the settlers.

For the return home of the Palestinian refugees.

To reinforce the internationalist solidarity and support of the peoples of Europe with the just struggle of the Palestinian people.

The European communist “INITIATIVE” supports the just demand of the Palestinian people for the recognition of the Palestinian state as a member-state of the UN and its recognition by the governments and parliaments.

Particularly in this period, when certain parliaments of European countries are taking decisions to recognize the Palestinian state, we want to note that it is contradictory for countries to recognize the Palestinian state and at the same time support the rationale of equating the “victim” with the “persecutor’ and enhance their political, economic and military relations with Israel in the framework of the EU and/or bilaterally. And this at a time, when Israel is continuing to be provocative, murdering Palestinians, continuing the settlements and increasing its provocations in the Palestinian Territories.

INITIATIVE of Communist and Workers’ in order to study and elaborate European issues and to coordinate their activity