Solidarity statement of the Initiative with the CP of the Peoples of Spain

  • 5/20/15 1:53 PM

In face of the local and regional elections to be held in Spain in May 24th, the INITIATIVE OF EUROPEAN COMMUNIST AND WORKERS' PARTIES would like to express its full support to the CP of the Peoples of Spain, who is participating in more than 40 cities and towns and 10 regions under the slogan: “The voice of the working class”.

The current elections have particular interest due to the fact that new parties have appeared and begin to act as the replacement of the traditional social-democratic and conservative party. This situation allows communists to develop a firm strategy in defence of the rights of the working class and popular strata. The new ascending parties do not offer nothing else but a new management of the capitalist system, they do not offer the working class nothing else but more exploitation, more misery and more unemployment.

The alliances that will come out from these elections in Spain will be an expression of the necessity of the capitalist managers to guarantee capitalists a stable framework to continue and increase the exploitation of the working masses and increase their rate of benefit.

The only option for the Spanish working class and working masses is to support and strenghten the CP of the Peoples of Spain, whose programme is based on the struggle for the firm defence of the rights and legitimate aspirations of the working people.