Solidarity Statement with the Communist Party, Turkey

  • 5/15/15 10:24 AM

The INITIATIVE of the Communist and Workers’ Parties in Europe, extends its solidarity and support to the Communist Party, Turkey in the parliamentary elections in Turkey to be held on 7th June 2015. The Secretariat of the INITIATIVE recognises that the Communist Party carries out an election campaign and waves the flag of socialism in difficult circumstances.

Turkey goes to elections under unfair circumstances as the Communist Party’s activities against the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government frequently faces prohibition and police brutality.

On the other hand, bourgeois media as the voice of the capitalist system attempts to divert the anger of the people toward the government oppression in the direction of the false illusion that the strengthening of the social democratic and liberal parties which promise to reform the current failed political system in Turkey, will save them from AKP fascism and cruelty of capitalist exploitation. Seeking an alternative to weaken the AKP government and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, some sections of the Turkish capitalist class in cooperation with the imperialist forces including the US and the EU are, mostly implicitly, supporting these opposition parties in order to restore the fragile capitalist system and bourgeois democracy in Turkey. They are aware that Turkish capitalism is heading to a total political and ideological crisis because of the arbitrary and irrational policies of the Islamic government.

The Communist Party, through its struggles and mass political work, has made a great effort to show that no solution is to be found within the framework of capitalist system and corrupted bourgeois democracy in Turkey. The Communist Party’s candidate list in this election is composed of women candidates only. A list of 550 women candidates is a challenge to the severe infringement of women’s rights in Turkey and demonstrates the respect for the resolute resistance of the Turkish working women to the Islamic government.

The INITIATIVE is convinced that only the steadfast struggle of the Communist Party introduces a real revolutionary alternative to the failed system in Turkey. Therefore the INITIATIVE applauds the struggle of the Communist Party and wishes success to the members and supporters of the party for the construction a socialist future for Turkish people.

The INITIATIVE also demand three Communist Party members who are under arrest since 1st of May, because of government’s hostility without any legal basis to be released immediately.

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