STATEMENT of the European Communist Initiative΄s SECRETARIAT March 8th2022- International Working Women's Day

  • 3/8/22 11:11 AM
  • Διεθνές Τμήμα

The International Working Women’s Day is commemorated on March 8th, the day of all those women that struggle day after day against the capitalist power and imperialist war, against the abuse and oppression this system applies on working-class women.

March 8th is a day of demands and struggle for working women despite the organized effort of several parties and organisations, including the employers’ ones, to cast aside every class-oriented conception of this day and use it as a tool for their own purposes.

This system is in a huge crisis, catalised by the Covid-19 pandemic, and workers’ rights are being strongly attacked by those who have power and legislate in favour of their class interests. Working women are the ones who are sufferering in a stronger way the results of their attacks.

Working women, are the ones who suffer more short-term and unsteady jobs. Working women, are the ones who endure lower salaries than their male colleagues. Working women, are the ones who are fired for being pregnant. The reproductive and sexual rights of working women are being attacked all over the world,  confronting violence, abuse and murders of women. Working women, are the ones who mainly carry over their shoulders the tasks of looking after others. Working women, are the ones who collect lower pensions – if they do so – when they’re done with their working lives.

No capitalist country has been, is nor will be capable of meeting the needs of working women. For them, the capitalists, the ones who handle the threads in the summit of pyramid of exploitation, women are nothing but numbers that allow them to make the highest possible profit, although they have to risk their health and even their own lives to make so.

Most governments in the capitalist countries say they are in favour of gender equality, but they do not explain what type of equality they are talking about. They talk about equal opportunity so they can continue abusing and bleeding the working class, the other popular strata and the youth, regardless of sex or sexual orientation. They talk about gender equality so they can continue, on the  premise of “diversity”, carrying us to endless imperialist wars where the working people is unceremoniously killed for the profits of monopolies.

In this context, we call on the working women to organise themselves and struggle against this system in order to advance to the real emancipation of working-class women.

History has shown, over and over, that only with our strength, organised and united, we can conquer everything that belongs to us. Let’s struggle for our future, to bring a new socialist world where working women, once and for all, along with all the working class, can win and reach our liberation.

Finishing with their domination depends on us!

Long live the International Working Women's Day!


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