• 4/30/14 3:28 PM

Working men and women of Europe,

The INITIATIVE of communist and workers’ parties of Europe on the occasion of May 1st addresses warm militant greetings to the working class, the vanguard and motor force of social development, whose mission is the abolition of capitalist exploitation. We honour the dead of Chicago, all the dead of our class who today point the way for the struggles against modern slavery.

Capitalism can not solve the people’s basic problems. It is a rotten, exploitative system that torments millions of workers, creates poverty, unemployment, crises and wars. It can not be humanized; it is not the only path for the peoples. All those who after the counterrevolution in 1991 declared the era of global peace with the EU and NATO as the alleged guarantors have been refuted. The dramatic developments in Syria and other countries, especially nowadays in Ukraine, the imperialist intervention of the EU, USA, NATO which are slaughtering the people teaches that if the people do not become the masters in their own land then they will shed their blood in the vice of the relentless competition of the monopolies that are striving amongst each other in order to profit from the wealth produced by the workers.

The workers are experiencing at first hand the consequences of the capitalist crisis, the offensive against the working class-people’s rights that aims to impose conditions for very cheap labour power, conditions of contemporary slavery on the working class and the poor popular strata. The liquidation of collective labour agreements, the elastic labour relations, the so-called out-sourced labour, the liberalization of dismissals, the employer intimidation in conditions of the dramatic increase of unemployment constitute preconditions for capital to emerge from the crisis. In order to achieve their goal, the capitalists and their unions like the EU mobilize anti-communism, the anti-historical propaganda regarding the provocative equation of communism with fascism, the promotion of fascist forces.

The workers must not be misled by the declarations of the capitalists, the EU and their staff that capitalist development can mean prosperity for the peoples. Any capitalist recovery will be supported on the ruins of the working class-people’s rights. Strong business groups in development conditions mean that above all they are strong at the expense of their own workers.

The working class has the tried and tested path to follow, that of class struggle with unity and organization in the workplaces, in the working class neighbourhoods. The enormous wealth that is produced can become the property of the people in order to satisfy the constantly increasing needs, which today are being suffocated by the shackles of capitalist exploitation and the EU.

We honour Workers’ May 1st, the sacrifices and blood of our class, we send a militant message to the May 1st rallies all over Europe, committed to playing a leading role in the organization of the class struggle for the right of every people to choose their own development path, including the right to disengage from the dependencies on the EU and NATO, strengthening the struggle for socialism, the abolition of the exploitation of man by man.