Against the outrageous anticommunist resolution of the European Parliament

  • 9/27/19 2:58 PM

The parties participating in the European Communist Initiative denounce the outrageous anti-communist resolution of the European Parliament and the escalation of anti-communism planned by the EU. This resolution promotes the unhistorical identification of communism with the monster of fascism, whitewashing the fascists and their actions, expressing hatred for the struggle of the peoples. The slander that socialism equates to fascism in the name of totalitarianism is revealed by the fact that fascism is born and bred of capitalism. Their common economic basis is the power of monopolies that only socialism overthrows.

It also provocatively argues that the Soviet Union and the Red Army, which had more than 20 million people dead and millions of others injured in order to defeat fascism in Europe, were allegedly allies with Nazi Germany. Hitler's allies and collaborators were actually the monopolies that paved the way for him, which today are supported by the EU as well as a series of bourgeois governments in European countries.

The provocative resolution goes so far as to distort History, considering the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact as the alleged cause of the outbreak of World War II, while it is known that the Munich Pact between G. Britain, France, Italy and Hitler’s Germany, pre-existed and which surrendered Czechoslovakia to Hitler leding to the prelude of the WWII.

All honest people understand well that the authors of the anti-communist resolution that equate fascism to communism, lie consciously and brazenly.

We denounce all the distortions of History by the EU and its governments, as well as the well- paid EU anti-communist events funding program, "Europe for Citizens".

Anti-communism will not pass.

All persecutions of the Communists, bans on Communist Parties, destructions of monuments must stop. The truth will shine through and the people, especially the youth with their struggle, will conquer it and throw such constructions of capital and its organizations into the dustbin of History!