Resolution of the COMMUNIST INITIATIVE on the EU Summit for Common Security and Defence Policy

  • 12/19/13 12:50 PM

The EU Summit of December 19th-20th deepens the warmongering policies of the European Union and increases parasitic military expenditure.

The parties that participate in the "INITIATIVE of communist and workers’ parties in order to study and elaborate European issues and to coordinate their activity” consider that the decisions which are being adopted at the European Summit on the 19/12/2013 confirm the imperialist and militaristic character of the European Union and advance the strengthening of the aggressive and interventionist military capabilities of the European Union and its member States.

In a global situation where the imperialist aggressiveness against the working class, the peoples, is intensifying, in a global situation where the contradictions between imperialist poles and powers are sharpening, in conditions where the intensification of the workers’-people’s struggle acquires particular importance, the decisions are being taken at the European Summit promote and facilitate greater European political and military intervention in third countries as a day-by-day more necessary precondition for the creation of conditions for the reinforcement of the export of capital and the control of the natural resources for the profitability of the European monopolies. These are measures agreed due to the great need to support European monopoly capital in conditions of capitalist crisis.

At a time when the working class and the peoples of Europe are suffering the dramatic consequences of the anti-labour and anti-people measures applied by the EU and the governments of the Member States to enable large companies to increase their rate of profit, the European Summit promotes the increase of the expenditure in the "European defence industry", having as its criterion the needs of the EU and NATO, by increasing public spending in favour of the monopoly groups of the arms industry and reducing resources for the working class and the people’s needs.

While the EU tries to become an increasingly autonomous military power, at the same time it acts in alliance and coordination with NATO, following the more general strategic interests of imperialism. In parallel inter-imperialist competition is sharpening the pursuit for control of the widest geo-political areas and the ability to act militarily on a global scale.

The decisions adopted in this European Summit express the dictatorship of capital, which implies dire consequences for the peoples of the world, who will suffer greater interventionism and aggression by the EU. At the same time, the working class itself and the peoples of Europe will be direct victims of these measures, which link external security and so-called “internal security” against the “enemy-people”. In compliance with the Lisbon Treaty, the largest military capabilities of the structures of the EU and the Member States shall be used for the control and repression of the working class and popular strata at a time when the capitalist crisis is leading to increasing workers' and people's mobilizations.

Similarly, the decisions taken at the Summit seek the ideological manipulation of the peoples of Europe. This is extended in order to influence the education system and curricula to promote the basic lines of these militaristic policies, the strategy of capital. In concrete terms, it will be sought to instil in the younger generation the aims of the bourgeois class, to accept the imperialist propaganda.
Therefore, we reject the resolutions adopted at this Summit and we denounce the fact that this European Summit deepens the character of the European Union as an imperialist interstate alliance which uses any repressive and warmongering method in order to maintain the profitability of the monopolies in a world increasingly shaken by inter-imperialist contradictions.

We call on the working class and popular strata to develop the struggle against all these measures and decisively move forward in the struggle for peace, for the defence of workers' and people's rights and freedoms and against imperialist wars.

What is needed today is to strengthen the struggle for the defence of the right of every people to choose in a sovereign way their own development path, including the right to disengage from the multi-level dependencies on the EU and NATO, as well as the right to choose socialism. World peace, respect for the sovereign rights of peoples, by establishing relations among countries based on mutual benefit and cooperation, can only be achieved in this way.