Report at the plenary session of the European Communist Initiative

  • 4/30/18 12:59 PM

The discussion and the exchange of experience were rich at the session of the European Communist Initiative (ECI). The session initiated with the presentation of the report as well as the programming and conclusions of the activity of the ECI, by the member of the PB of the CC of KKE, Giorgos Marinos.

Extensive excerpts from the report are following:

Dear comrades,

The European Communist Initiative makes a remarkable effort to highlight the acute problems that torment the working class, the peoples and the youth. It has reinforced its activity by issuing joint statements, coordinating its activities and organizing events in various countries e.g. in Warsaw during the NATO Summit in 2016, the event honouring the People’s Antifascist Victory at Berlin in May 2017, the internationalist visit to Palestine in March 2018.

The “Initiative” deals with great difficulties and has established itself as a regional form of cooperation among Communist and Workers’ Parties in Europe that promotes the unity of the communist movement and seeks to reinforce the coordination of the communists’ struggle, strengthen the bonds of the communist movement with the working people.

A key element of its action is the revealing of EU’s imperialist character and the conflict with its strategies that serve the monopolies’ interests and turns against the peoples.

The parties of the “Initiative” are struggling in their countries for the workers’ and people’s interests, against the anti-people policies of the bourgeois governments, both liberal and social-democratic ones, they support the interests of the working people and contribute to the organization of the working people, to the development of class struggle.

Notable activities of the parties of the “Initiative” during 2017

In 2017 our parties organized significant events honouring the Great October Socialist Revolution that guides the communists all over the world.

In particular, we would like to mention the significant event organized by the Russian Communist Workers’ Party last August in Leningrad with the participation of dozens of Communist Parties as well as the contribution of this event to the contemporary ideological political struggle.

The parties of the “INITIATIVE” have organized a significant activity against imperialist wars and interventions. They continued their confrontation with fascist, racist forces and expressed their solidarity with immigrants and refugees, who victimized by the imperialist wars and the system of exploitation.

We would like to salute the struggle of the CP Italy and its positive results in the recent parliamentary elections, and highlight that the Italian communists fought against the Eurocommunist erosion, overcame the obstacles of the electoral law and managed to participate for the first time in 57% of the electoral districts gathering more than 106,000 votes that constitute a significant basis for the strengthening of the party and its further development in workplaces, in popular neighborhoods, in schools and universities.

We would like to salute the hard struggle of the CP of Turkey and the Communist Youth against the anti-people policies of the government of Erdogan, against the escalating repression of the Turkish authorities against communists.

We firmly support the comrades of RCWP and Komsomol (RKSM-B) who are faced with the attempt of the Russian authorities to restrict, suppress and impede their activity, imposing conditions that actually prohibit the participation of the party in the elections.

We express our firm and consistent internationalist solidarity and support to the Communist and Workers’ Parties that face constant anticommunist attacks which prove the class character of bourgeois democracy and the fear of bourgeois power for the communists’ struggle, for the workers’ and people’s struggles. We condemn the attacks against the CP of Poland, the persecution of its cadre who are sent to courts, to show trials and express our support to our comrades.

These facts prove the dangerous policies of the EU which has adopted anticommunism as its official ideology and promotes methodically the anti-historic equation of the fascist monstrosity with communism which is the future of the peoples.

The parties of the “Initiative” firmly support the struggle of the KKE in Greece against the anti-people policies of the social-democratic government of SYRIZA-ANEL, against the bourgeois class and the imperialist unions. The support and solidarity with the struggles of the class-oriented movement in Greece, i.e. PAME which is at the forefront of the trade-union movement against capital and anti-people policy in confrontation with the government-employer led trade-unionism, is of great importance.

All parties have their own contribution to the struggle, according to the conditions and the possibilities they have achieved. We stand side by side with all struggling parties, firm to the principles of internationalism, to the slogan “proletarians of all countries, unite”.

For the further development of the joint struggle

In this period the contradictions and the competitions between powerful and other capitalist states which hold a lower position in the imperialist system are being sharpened and extended to an increasingly bigger part of the world.

The basis of competition is the pursuit of profitability and the extension of the business groups’ scope of action, the reshuffling for the acquisition of advanced positions and the safeguarding of better conditions in the exploitation of energy resources, the energy and commodities transport routes, the distribution of markets.

In this framework, the arms race, the research for military purposes are being intensified utilizing modern technology, including nuclear weapons. In this race the USA, Russia, China, France and Germany are playing a prominent role, while several countries are in a course of modernizing their arms. The military expenditure for NATO needs and other military blocks are being increased as a whole at the expense of people’s needs.

Generally, the developments in the international arena point to the regions where imperialist wars are in progress, or flashpoints havebeen formed which bring along the danger of escalation.

In the region of Middle East the bloody imperialist war in Syria has being continuing for 7 years, a war which was declared by the USA, the NATO, the EU in the framework of their competition e.g. with Russia and Iran, using various pretexts, as the imperialist powers usually do in order to justify the wars and the interventions against the peoples.

Today it has been proved with a great deal of evidence that the USA and its allies, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Gulf Monarchies in general have methodically directed resources and laid the foundation for the emergence, the funding, the armament and training of criminal organizations as the so called Islamic State in order to promote the imperialist plans regarding the control of Syria, Iraq, Libya and the natural resources of the region.

The defeat of ISIS has not led to the end of war. On the contrary, it has marked a new phase in the distribution of loot and the dismemberment of Syria. The Turkish State, in the name of preventing an independent Kurdish state formation in Northern Syria with the military operations “Euphrates Shield” and “Olive Branch“ as a vehicle, has trespassed and occupied Syrian territories, it invaded Afrin, thus, creating a basis for the presence of military forces in Syria, while the threats of Erdogan against Iraq are increasing.

We condemn the threats of the USA, NATO and member states of the EU that they will strike with missiles Syria and its people, using the pretext of use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army. The parties of the ‘Initiative’ are alert and take the necessary measures to condemn in a massive way the imperialist attack and to organize protests, demonstrations in every country against the NATO, USA, and EU, to close down the American-NATO bases in every country, to express international solidarity in a massive way to the people of Syria.

The European Communist Initiative condemns the Israeli aggressiveness and the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories; it condemns the aggressive policies of the USA and its unacceptable position in favour of the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel. We express our solidarity with the Palestinian people and support its struggle for an independent, sovereign Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as capital, in the borders of June 1967.

The developments in Balkans are marked by the expansion of US positions, the strengthening of its military presence (e.g. big military bases) and the promotion of the plans for the accession of Western Balkans to the EU and the participation of new states as FYROM in NATO. The so called “Euro-atlantic integration” serves the need to control the region and weaken the presence of Russia, which has traditional relations with the Balkan States, as well as the restriction of the activity of China which uses the so called “Silk Road” in order to expand the interests of Chinese monopolies.

NATO is utilizing the developments in the Ukraine and supports the reactionary government of Kiev, while, at the same time it expands its activity in a wider region promoting military powers and creating the infrastructure as part of the plans to encircle Russia.

The EU in line with its anti-labour, anti-people strategies against the labour and social security rights of the working people is promoting the Common Foreign and Security Policy thus proving in practice that the militarization of this interstate union is being reinforced. It cooperates with NATO and, at the same time, it forms its own independent military apparatus against the people e.g. the permanent structured cooperation (PESCO), the European Defense Fund and the units of the so-called EU Army.

In view of this dangerous situation, the European Communist Initiative is working firmly for the development of the people’s common struggle against the imperialist wars and their causes, against the NATO and the EU, focusing on the fundamental position against any change of borders and the Treaties that established them.

For strong foundations in every country

Many Communist Parties struggled in the conditions of capitalist crisis and today we have to adapt our struggle in order to deal with the new ideological-political issues that arise in the conditions of a weak recovery of the capitalist economy and the effort of the bourgeois governments to utilize it.

The developments are complicated, the capitalist staff are concerned about the economic developments due to the impact and the consequences of competition, of “economic war” which is in progress and is being strengthened with the policies of Donald Trump , the imposition of additional tariffs e.g. in Steel and Aluminum, the response of the EU, China etc.

In any case we underline that the capitalist development is driven by the profits of big businesses and does not serve the interests of the working class, the poor and medium-sized farmers, and the middle strata in urban centers. Capitalist development has never been and cannot be fair. It will always be marked by the exploitation of labour by capital. The communists are intensifying their struggle for the emancipation of the working people, for their organization and the development of class struggle.

The developments at both international and national level prove that capitalism is becoming more reactionary and dangerous, confirming the position that the Initiative promoted from its very beginning i.e. that the system of exploitation breeds wars, crises, poverty, unemployment, refugees and no bourgeois government cannot improve this rotten system.

Socialism is timely and necessary and the communists’ fundamental duty is to be at the forefront of the daily struggle in order to gather and prepare workers’-popular forces, in order to promote the need to struggle for the overthrow of capitalist barbarity.

We are aware of the difficulties in the coordination of our activity. We have made a certain progress, however, it is necessary to discuss even more our shortcomings and weaknesses and take steps for the strengthening of the joint action, insisting on the need for each party to create a solid foundation in its country, to build party organizations and create strong bonds with the working class, to provide more assistance to the communist youth organizations, to contribute to the formation of new communist organizations in places that they do not exist so far.

Interventions by the Secretariat of the “Initiative”

The Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative focused its attention on basic issues. Amongst other activities during 2017 until today, we note the following:

-The expression of solidarity with the struggle of the small and medium-sized farmers in Greece.

-The Statement on International Women’s Day on March 8th.

-The critical position on the 60th anniversary since the Treaty of Rome and the formation of the European Economic Community.

-The organization of the event on the 72nd anniversary of the People’s Antifascist Victory in Berlin.

-The statement of the issues of education.

-The message on the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

-The position against EU militarization and aggressiveness.

-The expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people and the demand for the immediate release of the 16-year old Ahed Tamimi.

-The statement on the 75th anniversary of the battle of Stalingrad and its contribution to the defeat of fascism.

-The statement against the anticommunist persecution against the CP of Poland and its cadre.
-The visit of a parties’ delegation of the “Initiative” to Palestine on March 21-23, 2018.
- Statement for the defending of the right to strike is being prepared.

Based on the experience of the previous period we can intensify our efforts and schedule our activities focusing on the following axes:

For the programming of activity

Systematic following of the developments and intensification of the struggle against the imperialist wars and interventions, concentrating on the need for the struggle against NATO and EU , against military bases, against the participation of the military forces of our countries to operations abroad to gain mass characteristics.

Preparation of our activities against the NATO Summit that will take place in Brussels in July and mass condemnation of the EU Common Security and Defense Policy.

Escalation of the struggle against anticommunism and assessment of the possibilities to organize a joint event in 2018 that will promote the historical contribution of the communists, the achievements of socialism in the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries.

Elaboration of a plan for the development of the communists’ work in the labour trade union movement, strengthening of the intervention in the workplaces.

Continuing the internationalist solidarity with the Palestinian people and mass condemnation of the Israeli occupation.

Independent work and participation in the activities of the class oriented movement for May 1st.

Promotion of the people’s contemporary needs in Healthcare and Education.

In the past a positive reflection was expressed about building relations between the European Communist Initiative and CPs beyond Europe which share to some extent the struggle against the EU, NATO and all imperialist unions, parties that converge with the Initiative in terms of ideological, political positions, have a clear orientation and struggle against capitalism, for the new socialist society.

Many parties of the Initiative have built such relations with CPs beyond Europe, therefore we have experience and we can utilize it.

Today we assess that this issue should open, to have a first discussion and decide to initiate the coordination of this activity so as to more effectively come in contact with other Communist Parties in the next period and take the necessary steps.