• 5/11/15 9:44 AM

The European Communist Initiative during the meeting of the Secretariat in Athens on 8/9 issued the following resolution on the dangerous developments in Ukraine and the rise of anticommunism:

Over a year has passed since the imperialist intervention which was carried out by the EU-USA-NATO in Ukraine, in their competition with Russia over which monopolies will control the energy resources in the wider region. They butchered the people of Ukraine and today there exists the possibility of a new generalized military escalation in the Donbass region. The constant violations of the fragile ceasefire agreement of Minsk by the reactionary Ukrainian government as well as the intensification of the unacceptable sanctions against Russia are also indicative of this.

The people of Donbass have become hostages of the inter-imperialist contradictions of the various imperialist groups from the USA, the EU, Ukraine and Russia and their imperialist allies in the continuing competition amongst them for their predatory interests-for the redivision of the spheres of influence in the conditions of the crisis. Most of the reactionary nationalist forces in Ukraine have become involved in the confrontation between the global imperialist robbers.

In parallel, the imperialist powers in recent months have multiplied their military presence in the region. We particularly note the presence of 300 US marines in the western province of Lviv in order to train a body of the Ukrainian army, which is characterized by the activity of fascists as well as the intensifying NATO exercises in the wider region and the plans for the reinforced EU military presence on the basis of the Common Security and Defense Policy, which increase the danger of a new flashpoint in Ukraine. It is indicative that the head of the fascist “Right Sector” was appointed as an advisor of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.

At the same time, Ukraine’s attachment to the EU is being strengthened with the prospect of it being integrated into it in the next 5 years. The implementation of anti-people reforms is being accelerated in this direction. This will be a new blow to the labour rights of the people of Ukraine in exchange for 19 billion euros of funding that the country’s bourgeoisie will enjoy.

It is no accident that these dangerous developments for the people of Ukraine and the peoples of the wider region are accompanied by the escalation of the provocative anti-communist offensive.

After the fiasco and the farcical trials at the expense of the CP of Ukraine that were exposed and denounced internationally, we note that the anti-communist machinations of the government and EU are being advanced by the ratification of a law in the Ukrainian parliament that historically identifies communism with fascism and attempts to outlaw the dissemination of communist ideas and communist symbols. Their goal is to consolidate the anti-communist hysteria, and to criminalize the activity of the communists and other militants who resist the imperialist intervention in Ukraine. In any case, they are attempting to erase the great contribution of socialism from the consciousness of the people of Ukraine.

The European Communist Initiative expresses its full support for the communists of Ukraine and calls for the decisive strengthening of the communists’ activity in every country so that anti-communism in Ukraine does not succeed.

The European Initiative of Communist and Workers parties expresses its solidarity with the people of Donbass, of Ukraine in general, against the offensive of the Ukrainian authorities and the fascist forces more generally, the volunteer “Banderist” Nazi units.

It will utilize its forces to reinforce the efforts to reveal to the people the dangerous imperialist plans unfolding that aim to assist capital overcome its crisis at the expense of the people. A crucial factor in the developments are the people of Ukraine themselves, who can become the protagonists through their struggle against the monopolies and their unions in order to fight for power, in their fight to abolish the capitalists who exploit their toil and wealth and who condemn them to live in wars and destitution.