• 12/4/18 4:30 PM

On December 7th 2018 the 3-year anti-communist trial against members and cadres of the CP of Poland will resume. The Polish authorities, escalating the anticommunist campaign, encouraged by the fact that the EU recognizes anticommunism as its official ideology, have proceeded to despicable persecutions against the editorial board of Brzask magazine, carrying out even investigations in the houses of cadres of the Party. At the same time, the Constitutional Court of Poland (which is controlled by the Polish government) promotes the “investigation of the legality of the existence of the Communist Party of Poland”, following a request of a specific reactionary organization.

At the same time, after a request of the Polish government towards the Parliament of Poland, a change of the law has been suggested in order to ban communist symbols, by despicably equating them with “fascist symbols”, violating the historical truth, insulting the memory of the peoples. We point out that the law in question was modified also in 2009, inserting a ban on communist symbols, but because of the reaction to it, it was canceled in 2011 as it was regarded unconstitutional. Meanwhile, the tearing down and the appalling destruction of historical communist, antifascist monuments is continuing in a provocative manner, such as recently in the city of Dziwnów.

The sharpening of the anticommunist offensive of the Polish government, employing all means such as unfounded accusations, slander, unhistorical falsifications of the historical truth will not pass. They strike at the communists because their political perspective is the only true way out of the rotten exploitative system that operates on the criterion of capitalist profits.

Hands off the Polish communists.

Stop immediately all the persecutions and bans against them.

We call on to the parties of the ECI to organize a Day of Mobilization and Solidarity with the CP of Poland on December 3rd outside of the Polish embassies in each country.