Question by Sotirios Zarianopoulos, MEP of KKE, concerning a Palestinian journalist on hunger strike

  • 3/16/16 9:25 PM

Yesterday the Palestinian journalist Muhammad Al-Qiq had been on hunger strike for 90 consecutive days in protest at his unjust detention, without any charges being brought, by the Israeli authorities since 21.11.2015. He is critically ill, having suffered marathon interrogation sessions, bound by chains and shackles, and harsh torture at the hands of the Israeli forces.

Israel’s Supreme Court is supposed to have suspended his administrative detention on 4 February, but the Israeli authorities are still refusing to release him and transfer him to a hospital in Ramallah and to allow him to receive visits from his family, only removing his chains and shackles a few days ago.

Over 690 Palestinians are being held in administrative detention, and there are over 7 000 political prisoners in prison.

The aggression of the Israeli government against the Palestinian people is being encouraged by both the EU and the governments of Member States.

In view of the above, will the High Representative say:

What is her position on the demand for the immediate release of this Palestinian journalist and his urgent transfer to hospital, given that his life is in danger due to his extremely critical state of health? How does she view the demand for the immediate release of all Palestinian political prisoners?

What is she doing to condemn the escalation of Israeli repression against the Palestinian people?