Question by Konstantinos Papadakis, MEP of KKE, on the wrongful imprisonment of Vadim Kuramshin in Kazakhstan

  • 4/22/16 11:40 AM

Vadim Kuramshin, who was arrested in 2012 in Kazakhstan on false and trumped-up charges for seeking to combat government infringements of democratic rights, has now served four years of his twelve-year sentence. It was no coincidence that his arrest and imprisonment occurred after he took part in an OSCE event in Warsaw, at which he spoke about the torture of prison inmates in in Kazakhstan.
As a result, charges were brought against him and he himself is now suffering inhuman treatment in a Kazakhstan prison.
The repressive and reactionary regime, which emerged in that country following the fall of the socialist system and the disappearance of the USSR, repeatedly shows its true nature by brutally quelling industrial action using lethal force, outlawing the activities of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan (CPK), imposing new anti-democratic laws to control and manipulate the trade unions, eroding the rights previously acquired by workers and imprisoning activists seeking to uphold democratic rights.

In views of this:

What is the position of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy regarding the continued imprisonment of Vadim Kuramshin?