Question by Konstantinos Papadakis, MEP of KKE, on the uncontrolled NGO activities in the Aegean islands with regard to refugees and immigrants

  • 3/16/16 9:17 PM

Serious allegations regarding the activities of NGOs in the northern Aegean, not necessarily, relating to migrant support, aid and rescue operations alone, are now being widely reported. It appears that criminal proceedings have been brought against a number of their members.

As indicated in a recent unanimous resolution of the Northern Aegean Regional Council, the presence and the activities of NGOs are going largely unmonitored

According to the conclusions of a report by the Committee on Budgetary Control that is being referred to by the Commission, of the EUR 20.5 billion in ‘development funding’ administered by the 139 EU embassies throughout the world, around EUR 10 billion has gone missing in the intricate network of NGOs, while EUR 92. 5 million has been wasted on unsuccessful aid programmes or in other ways.

In view of this:

Can the Commission say which NGOs on the Greek islands are receiving EU funding, what is the purpose of each, what were the funding criteria what measures have actually been taken?

Does it agree that there is a manifest need for government organisations and infrastructures fully staffed and equipped to provide migrants with the necessary accommodation, care and treatment?