Question by Konstantinos Papadakis, MEP of KKE, on the authoritarian politics and persecution by the Turkish government

  • 4/26/16 10:27 AM

The authoritarian policies of the Turkish government and President T.Erdogan, who are escalating a wave of law suits and persecution against those that criticize the anti-people policies of the government of the AKP, Erdogan’s party, the intervention of Turkey in the war in Syria, against those that struggle for social and democratic rights and for the just cause of the Turkish people.

These unacceptable machinations are being carried out in the same period when the EU is praising and rewarding at every opportunity the governmental policies of the bourgeoisie of Turkey, providing it with provocative support.

What position does the Commission take regarding the demand for the end of every kind of persecution and attack on political activity, democratic freedoms and rights in Turkey?