Question by Konstantinos Papadakis, MEP of KKE, on the NATO involvement and conduct of naval operations in the Aegean

  • 3/16/16 9:24 PM

The involvement of NATO and the conduct by it of naval operations in the Aegean was decided by its defence ministers, ostensibly in response to the refugee crisis, following a request from Germany, Greece and Turkey.

The EU and ‘European Border and Coast Guard’ have decided to consult NATO and seek its assistance in policing the Greek-Turkish border, despite the fact that NATO does not recognise borders between its members, has been behind military interventions and border changes in many areas and, together with the EU, openly endorses Turkish provocation and its encroachments in the Aegean and Cyprus.

Furthermore, the stated aim of a number of strongly imperialist forces and of Turkey is to place the Aegean under joint EU and NATO administration.

A Commission representative recently observed that he welcomed talks regarding the ‘management of refugee flows and external borders’, ignoring the fact that it was the EU, NATO and the US that caused the war in Syria, encouraged the emergence and development of ISIS and are now responsible for the refugee tragedy.

The Syriza-ANEL government also bears responsibility for agreeing to NATO involvement, which is clearly not confined to securing Turkish borders.

In view of this:

What is the Commission's position regarding moves to place the Aegean under joint EU and NATO administration and the involvement of NATO in policing Greek borders in that area, thereby calling into question the sovereign rights of Greece and placing it in great danger?