Question by Konstantinos Papadakis, MEP of KKE, on the "Murder of Palestinian children by Israel"

  • 3/16/16 9:26 PM

The cold-blooded execution of at least seven Palestinian children in the West Bank last week marks an escalation in Israeli aggression. This act of incredible brutality by the State of Israel comes in the wake of the killing of more than 170 Palestinians over the last four months.

The continuing crimes of murder, unacceptable detention and imprisonment, occupation, terrorism, the demolition of Palestinians' houses and the establishment of new settlements are being committed under the ‘protection’ of the US — NATO — EU. In condemning ‘all acts of terror’, these imperialist powers are provocatively putting the aggressor on the same footing as the victim.

The Syriza-ANEL coalition also bears a heavy responsibility: having made the strategic choice in favour of enhanced economic, political and military cooperation with the murderous Jewish State, it has recognised it as a ‘friend and ally’ and considers the international problem of the occupation of Palestinian territories as an ‘Israeli-Palestinian conflict’.

In view of the above, will the High Representative say:

What is the EU doing to condemn the murder of Palestinian children and adults by the State of Israel?

How does she stand on the fair demands of the Palestinian people for an end to the Israeli occupation and the establishment of an independent, viable and sovereign Palestinian State within the 1967 borders, with its capital in East Jerusalem, as well as the lifting of the many-layered blockade of Palestinian territories?