Poster Competition of the ECI

  • 5/9/19 10:41 AM
  • Διεθνές Τμήμα

The European Communist Initiative is organizing a poster competition in light of the European Elections.

The theme of the competition is:

«The EU is not our Europe. We struggle for the Europe of socialism!" There should also be the logo of the ECI on the poster, and if words or slogans are used they should be in the framework of the spirit of the theme.

The deadline before which the creations of the participants in the competition should be sent is May 17th.

The participants may take part with more than one poster.

In relation to the specifications of the poster, the posters should be according to the following characteristics:

a) It should be in jpg from, not in the highest analysis, so that it can be uploaded on the internet as a sample.
b)The size of the poster should be 50x70
c) The colour model should be CMYK.
d) The definition (dpi) should be 300
e) The poster in its final form should be in pdf or tiff.

- The winners of the competition will see their posters published by the ECI, which will be used in its propaganda.
- The choosing of the winners will be the responsibility of the ECI, immediately after the deadline.