Position of the KKE Delegation in the European Parliament against the Paris Agreement adopted under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

  • 11/30/16 11:25 AM

The Paris agreement on climate is an outcome of temporary compromises between the imperialist centres and the strong capitalist countries, neither wants, nor can face the acute environmental problems that capitalist development way creates. As it encounters the environment as a mean to increase the profitability of the business groups, when influences catastrophically not only with the out of control extraction of raw materials but also with imperialist wars. The agreement is centring the various “Emissions Trading Systems - ETS”, who, as mechanisms of profitable commerce deals of the pollution itself, have proven the intensity of the environments downgrading. The “green” technologies aim to open new investment fields to the monopoles, amid strong competitions, in which EU has the leading role, who thinks that its business groups have comparative advantage. The certain result also of this agreement will be the aggravation of the environmental problems, of the living conditions of the people’s families.

Only one economy and society that will not be supported to capitalist profit, but the satisfaction of the people’s needs, can safeguard consistent and balanced influence of the working person in the nature, the environment. For a life like that the working people has to take in his hands the power and the economy, in breakthrough with the capitalist barbarity and the monopoles and their imperialist unions.