People's Resistance Moldova

  • 12/3/13 3:41 PM


The Marxist movement „ People’s Resistance” (MMPR) was founded at the end of 2003. It was formed by the former members of the Communist party of the Republic of Moldova (CPRM) and supporters of the CPRM who deprecated the CPRM’s refusal from their party’s program and proclamation of the course towards the further establishment of capitalism*.

The theoretical basis of the MMPS is Marxism-Leninism; the organization is open for the cooperation with the whole anticapitalist left-wing movement, who really fight against the capital’s dictatorship. The main goals of MMPS are the following: support and organization of the struggle of the working people for their class interests, the foundation of trade unions who are independent from the power of capital. The main methods of the work are such as, the organization of meetings, pickets, propaganda and expository work in the society, the mass dissemination of leaflets on the wide scale public events and the enterprises of the Republic, the mass leaflet campaigns that are of a special importance, the gathering of signatures under the protest letters, the organization of housekeeper committees of citizens, the struggle against the illegal construction and the involvement in the judicial trials. In addition, the MMPR took part in the election campaign with a purpose to use Mass Media for a wide dissemination of anti-capitalist ideas (including the ideas of the renationalization). The MMPR participated 3 times in the parliament elections (in 2005, 2009 and 2010) and in the local ones (in 2011).

The organization supported relations and gave a hand to the newly appeared independent trade unions (to the alternative trade union of Chisinau trolley bus administration, the independent trade union of the sugar beet plant in Glodeni, also to the worker collectives of the sugar beet plant in Cupcini and “Moldcarton” plant.) Nevertheless, in the present time the above mentioned trade unions have ceased their activities.

The most important events that have been held by “People’s Resistance” were the following:

  • a number of meetings against the increase of payment rate for the vitally important services, such as the telephone, gas and the others, also, the introduction of the insurance police health caring (in 2004);
  • the campaign against the reform of the housing and communal services in the course of which the MMPR organized the numerous meetings with the residents of the municipal houses, created the house committees of resistance, and on the 7th of May in 2006, in front of the Government building, was organized the rally that was lawlessly broken up by the police and the organizers were apprehended;
  • the campaign against “Partnership Moldova – NATO” Plan, also, the campaign against joint military exercises with the NATO forces on the territory of Moldova (Longbow/Lancer-2006), that were the sheer violation of the principle of neutrality prescribed by the Constitution (2006);
  • the campaign against privatization of 260 state enterprises;
  • the campaign against privatization of “Moldtelecom” and “Banca de Economii” (2008);
  • the participation in the organization and carrying out the protests in Chisinau against the elimination of privileges of vulnerable social groups of population for free travel in the public transport and the increase of tariffs on water-supply services (September, 2009);
  • campaign “PEOPLE’S RESISTANCE TO SLAVE LABOR!” against violations of labor rights, informal employment (without labor contracts), low salaries and wages, dismissal without a dismissal benefit, for the creation of independent trade unions (2009-2010);
  • series of protests that were organized together with the trade union of the “Moldcarton” plant and the Glodeni sugar plant, the Department of Chisinau electrical transport with the demand to pay off backdated salaries and wages and to eliminate violations of other labor rights.

“People’s Resistance” struggles without any compromise against opportunistic pseudo left parties of the Republic of Moldova clarifying their traitors’ essence to workers.

  • Major program goals and objectives of “People’s Resistance” are represented in Statement of policy. They are as follows:
    attainment of political power, that is, destruction of dictatorship of bourgeoisie and establishment of proletarian democracy in the form of Soviets;
  • liquidation of private ownership of means of production, the transference of means of production into public property being controlled and managed by labor collectives in order to provide the use of means of production in interests of the whole society;
  • further strengthening of proletarian democracy, the building of socialism in alliance with victorious proletariat of other countries, the transition to the building of communism after a socialism victory all other the world.

*Beginning from 2002 the PCRM has kept a course of further continuation of neoliberal reforms. Right after Voronin won the election campaign he assured the business elite that there would be no revision of privatization results. In 2003, a course towards the integration in the European Union and the continuation of privatization process of state enterprises and the rest of state property was kept on. Moldova has sent its military contingent in Iraq to support a US military operation. All the parliamentary fraction of the PCRM has voted unanimously for such a resolution.