PRESS STATEMENT On the meeting of the Secretariat of the European Communist “INITIATIVE”

  • 1/29/14 10:02 AM

On the 27/1/2014 the meeting of the 9 member Secretariat of the “INITIATIVE of Communist and Workers’ Parties to study and elaborate European issues and to coordinate their activity” took place in Brussels.
Representatives from the KKE, the Hungarian Workers’ Party, the Workers’ Party of Ireland, Communist Party (of Italy), the Communist Party of Slovakia, the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain, the Communist Party of Sweden and the Communist Party of Turkey. The representative of the Socialist Party of Latvia was not able to attend for health reasons.
The work of the meeting was open to all the participant parties of the “INITIATIVE” . The Union of Revolutionary Communists of France and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union also attended the meeting of the Secretariat.
The meeting approved the “DECLARATION OF COMMUNIST AND WORKERS’ PARTIES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE WORKING CLASS-PEOPLE’S STRUGGLE, FOR THE EU PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS”. The Declaration, which is also open to be signed by other communist and workers’ parties of Europe will be issued in the next few days.
During the meeting, issues which concern other joint interventions of the “INITIATIVE”, which will happen in the next period, were also discussed. These interventions will include amongst other things, the condemnation of anti-communism, the capitalist restructurings and the consequences at the expense of the workers, the Common Foreign Security and Defence Policy of the EU, and the imperialist wars, the exposure of the role of the “Europarties”, interventions on unemployment, health, education, farmers etc.
In this direction it was decided to organize joint events of the “INITIATIVE’ in major European cities.
The Secretariat approved a statement against the imperialist intervention of the EU in the Central African Republic, a statement on the developments in the Ukraine and a statement on the new crime against immigrants in Greece, and also against the implementation of the anti-communist law in Georgia.

In addition, solutions were advanced regarding technical-operational issues to do with the website of the “INITIATIVE” and its Technical Secretariat.

Finally, it decided to a announce a poster-placard competition with as its theme : “The struggle of the peoples of Europe against the EU and the inter-state capitalist unions.”

Brussels 27/1/2014