On the loss of cde Fidel Castro

  • 11/28/16 3:34 PM

Message of the European Communist Initiative

The Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative expresses its warmest and sincere condolences with the CC of the CP of Cuba and the Cuban people regarding the death of their historical leader, the head of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Cde Fidel Castro was one of the greatest figures of the international communist movement. He combined the dream of Cuban people about sovereignity with the fight for socialism and made a special contribution to the organization and prevalence of the socialist revolution, to the construction of socialism, to the implacable struggle against the capitalist system.

Cde Fidel was a great protagonist in the struggle of the Cuban people and the victory of the Cuban Revolution, with the assistance of the USSR and the other socialist countries and the active internationalist solidarity of the peoples, despite the adverse conditions of the longstanding embargo, the armed intervention and the constant conspiracies of imperialism. Socialism demonstrated in a short time span in Cuba as well its great superiority, with unprecedented gains that even today are an unreachable dream for the workers in the capitalist world. With his contribution, cde Fidel led the struggle of the working class of Cuba to construct a society and a power which is not based on exploitation and capitalist profit. He made a significant contribution to the international communist movement, to the revolutionary vigilance against the enemies of socialism, such as the USA and EU, which constantly seek to undermine the socialist development path in Cuba.

The European Communist Initiative addresses a final message of greetings to cde Commandante Fidel Castro and expresses its full solidarity with the struggle of the Cuban people.


The Secretariat of the European Communist initiative