Message of Condolences by the Secretariat of the ECI on the Passing away of cde Maurice Cukierman

  • 7/27/20 2:42 PM
  • Διεθνές Τμήμα

The Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative has been saddened to receive information that c. Maurice Cukierman, SG of the Communist Revolutionary Party of France has passed away.
Comrade Cukierman battled under difficult conditions in France for the defense of the Marxist-Leninist principles and the irreplaceable role of the Communist Party, for the socialist society.
We will remember him in the meetings of the ECI for his contributions on the basis of proletarian internationalism and solidarity with the people's struggle, for the enhancement of the intervention of the European Communist Initiative.
Dear comrades
please convey to his family and the members of your party our most sincere condolences.

The Secretariat of the ECI