Mayday – 132 years: We continue the struggle against capitalist exploitation, war, unemployment, poverty

  • 4/30/18 4:42 PM
  • Διεθνές Τμήμα

We honour the class strugglesandthe heroes of our class by becoming their worthy and capable continuators. Workers’ May Day is the day when we can evaluate our forces, our organisation, combativeness and ideological-political readiness for the great demands of the class struggle today.
May 1st is not just a day of remembrance for the entire working class; it is specifically a day of responsibility as to how each worker can participate in the class struggle, in the organisation of every enterprise, in every sector and workplace.

During this period, the competition between the main imperialist centers, their bourgeois classes and unions is sharpening. Entire regions are caught up in the fires created by imperialist interventions, from Syria, which was bombed anew by the USA, France and Great Britain with the support of the EU and NATO, but also the wider Middle East, Eastern Europe, to Ukraine, the Balkans, the Black Sea and North Africa. NATO, the EU andtheir governments are sowing death and destruction; they set the people to fight against each other for the interests of the monopolies.

The business groups, the states and their governments are engaged in intense competition with each other over control of the natural resources and the markets. However, they follow a common line against the working class, seeking the maximum possible reduction in the price of labour power by promoting anti-labour reforms, by increasing flexible unpaid labour, the intensity of employer’s terrorism, striking at the greatest achievement of workers’: the right to strike.

132 years after the demand for an eight-hour workday, every possibility to work for less hours exists; to enjoy ourselves more, with substantial increases in wages and pensions, with full labour and social-insurance rights; to have free time to engage in culture, education, participation in social organisation, with a rise in the living and intellectual standards of the people. With free and high-level healthcare and education for all, housing for all, work with rights for all. The working class produces all the wealth, which belongs to it and for which it fights.

We raise the banner of the interests of the working class. We fight against imperialist war in order to eradicate its root cause. Together with the workers of all countries for a world without exploitation, wars, refugees.

The working class has its own weapons: class unity, class solidarity, to use in the new harsh struggles in the clash with its exploiters and their political personnel, until the overthrow of their power. During its long historical course, the working class achieved the conquest of power, through sacrifices and blood. It has shown that the working class can win when it is organised, when it has its own plan, when it is determined to fight against the capitalist exploitation and clash with the business groups and their parties.In order the working class to correspond to such duties it is necessary and apreconditionthat the Communist parties become powerful.

We send our warm militant greetings to Workers’ May Day rallies across Europe and the whole world. We commit ourselves to be at the forefront of the militant organisation of the class struggle for the right of every people to choose its own path of development, including the right of disengagement from the EU and NATO dependencies, by strengthening the struggle for socialism, the liberation of society from exploitation of man by man.

The sacrifice of the workers of the world, the workers of Chicago, the women workers of New York, the Russian proletariat were not in vain; on the contrary, they are a beacon on the road that we must follow today until the final victory.


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