• 12/30/13 11:17 AM

For more than fifteen years, Antonio Guerrero, Ramon Labañino, Gerardo Hernandez and Fernando Gonzalez have been deprived of their liberty in the US prisons. René González, the fifth of them, has been freed on probation after serving 13 years in prison. The five heroes were arrested in Miami while they were monitoring and investigating terrorist groups. Those anti-Cuban terrorists deployed in Miami are known with their activities that have brought death and suffering on the Cuban people for more than 30 years. The US government unjustly imprisoned the 5 Cuban patriots after a phony trial, which became scene to serious legal miscarriages.

We recognize the dignity of these people who lost their freedom because they were trying to prevent terrorist actions against Cuba and protect the lives of Cuban and foreign citizens on the island. In addition to their unjust imprisonment, they had to face various violations of their basic rights during their detention. This included the arbitrary bans on the visits by their wives and other family members from whom they were separated for fifteen years.

Behind the imprisonment of four patriots lays the hostile policy of the US government towards the Cuban Revolution, which goes as far as fomenting state terrorism against Cuba. This is a hostile political act of the USA towards the determination of the Cuban people to strengthen the resistance against imperialism and to carry out the revolution despite the American blockade.

We address ourselves to the US government and demand that it immediately release the Cuban Four. We, hereby, remind that the terrorist groups in Miami are the ones who have committed crimes against people and who deserve to be put in prison instead.

The US continues its illegal actions against Cuban people with the support of its allies in Europe. The Common Position of the EU is a direct interference on the internal affairs of Cuba. Using alleged freedom of speech violations as pretext to promote regime change in Cuba, the EU deliberately dismisses the unjust imprisonment of the Cuban Four and flagrant violations of their basic rights, at the same time that honors well-known mercenaries and counterrevolutionaries, and exerts pressures aiming to promote regime change. We condemn the hypocrisy of the EU’s Cuban policy and demand the abolition of the Common Position.

We call out to the peoples of Europe to show solidarity with the Cuban Five by spreading awareness for this struggle and contribute to disseminating the truth against injustice. Even if all legal courses have been exhausted, it is still possible to free the Cuban heroes with the international solidarity and struggle of the world’s peoples

Long live Cuban Revolution!

Free the Cuban Patriots!


Other parties that co-sign the Statement of the INITIATIVE:
German Communist Party (DKP)