• 1/29/14 9:14 AM


Workers, self-employed, craftsmen, small farmers, women, young people, pensioners, people with special needs

We, the Communist and Workers’ parties which sign this declaration address you on the occasion of the EU Parliamentary election of 2014.
Reality demonstrates that the EU, the European imperialist centre, has never served the wellbeing of working people. It has always been the tool of the European big capital to increase its profits and to secure its rule.

It can not be radically changed and can not become “pro-people”. The expectations being fostered for a change in favour of the peoples through a change of the president of the Commission are fraudulent.

It is in the interests of the peoples to struggle to change the situation, to change the correlation of forces, for the Europe of socialism, which will safeguard the right to work, social and social-security rights, income, the future of the workers.

Our parties are defending your interests, the interests of the working class, the popular strata, the rights of the youth.

We are struggling against unemployment, the anti-people measures being imposed by the governments and the European Union for the reduction of salaries and pensions, the abolition of labour, social-security rights, the commercialization of health, education, welfare, the destruction of the environment, the abolition of democratic rights and freedoms. We are fighting against the EU, which is attempting to overcome the crisis at the expense of the peoples. We condemn anti-communism, repression, the restriction of sovereign rights.

Our parties support:

  • The struggle of the workers and unemployed for fulltime-stable work.
  • The defense of the people’s income and increases in salaries and pensions.
  • For free public health, education, welfare.
  • Democratic rights in the workplaces, labour and social-security rights.
  • The rights of immigrant workers
  • The support for the small and medium farmers.
  • The essential protection of the environment that is being sacrificed for the profits of big capital.
  • We denounce the imperialist aggressiveness against the peoples, imperialist wars and interventions. We are struggling for peace, for the removal of all the US-NATO military bases, against NATO, against the “Partnership for Peace” and the Euro-army, against participation in wars and interventions.
  • We are struggling against the full-scale offensive which is further escalating in the conditions of the capitalist crisis of overproduction and capital over-accumulation.
  • We rally together with the working class and popular families that are undergoing the dramatic consequences of the capitalist crisis which is dramatically worsening the conditions of the working class and popular strata.
  • We support the struggle of the peoples from the member-states of Eastern Europe, who are subject to the painful consequences of their countries’ accession to the EU.

We call on the working class, the peoples:

  • To develop their struggle concerning every popular problem, to strengthen their resistance against capital’s offensive, and against the governments and parties that serve its interests.
  • To strengthen their struggle against the European Union, the union of capital that strikes against the rights of the peoples.
  • To support in every available way the communist and workers’ parties that denounce the EU and its strategy in the battle of the EU Parliamentary election on the 25th of May 2014, to weaken the parties that support the EU and its political line, that defend the “EU one-way street” of capital.

This stance will lend strength to the people’s struggle all over Europe, the workers will struggle from a more advantageous position.

The EU does not serve the people, the EU serves the billionaires, the super rich, the interests of the monopolies, the concentration and centralization of capital, to reinforce its characteristics as an imperialist economic, political and military bloc of states opposed to the interests of the working class and popular strata.

It is in the peoples’ interests to oppose the attempt to manipulate them which is being organized by the EU, its mechanisms and the governments and the parties that support the imperialist union.

They promise that the EU can safeguard our right to work, guarantee labour and social-security rights. They want the people to believe that they can give them a better living standard. It is a big lie.

Let's remember the facts! The number of unemployed in the EU is 30 million, under-employment and poverty are constantly expanding, the future of the youth is being undermined.

The fundamental rights of working people and the popular strata are being abolished. Poor farmers are being wiped out, self-employed are being suffocated by the competition of the monopolies, inequality and discrimination against women is intensifying. Immigrants are being persecuted.
The anti-people arsenal of the EU is being reinforced with new measures. The “stability pact”, the “reinforced economic governance” and the other instruments that are being used are forming a painful situation for the peoples.

The “Common Security and Defense Policy” constitutes a dangerous means for wars and interventions, in the service of the imperialist aggressiveness.

The motor force of capitalist unification is the interests of the European monopolies, the EU is constantly developing in a reactionary direction at the expense of the peoples.

Consequently, it is obvious that neither the imperialist union, nor the European Central Bank can become pro-people, as the Europarties that support the EU’s strategy claim.

Further, the EU cannot be promoted as a “counterweight” to NATO and the USA, as various supporters of the predatory alliance claim.
It cooperates closely with NATO and the USA against the peoples, while the inter-imperialist competition is intensifying and is related to the control of the markets, the sharing out of the plunder.

The Communist and Worker’s parties that sign this statement :

Note that the offensive of capital is unified and concerns all the EU member-states, as well as the rest of the European capitalist states as a whole and on this basis it is necessary to strengthen the joint struggles of the CPs and the peoples, to develop solidarity with the struggle of workers all over Europe, all over the world.

We stress that there exists another development path for the peoples. The perspective of another Europe, the prosperity of the peoples, social progress, democratic rights, equal cooperation, peace, and socialism are highlighted through the workers' struggles.

We believe in the right of each people to choose in a sovereign way its path of development, including the right to disengage from the dependencies on the EU and NATO and every other imperialist organization, to struggle for the socialist development path.
This is the real answer to the organized attempt to mislead the peoples.

This is the real pro-people answer to the so-called “euroscepticism” as well as to the nationalist, fascist-Nazi parties that seek to exploit the agony and problems of the people in order to strengthen their forces, as the spearhead of the dictatorship of the monopolies. This is the real answer to the reactionary, anti-historical theories that equate communism with Nazism and to the anti-communism that is spread by them and to the system that nourishes them.

We call on the working class, the peoples of Europe to answer this responsible call of the Communist and Workers’ Parties.

Weaken the forces that support the EU - Support the communist and workers’ parties by strengthening them.

No to the EU of the monopolies, of capital and war!

For a Europe of people’s prosperity, peace, social justice and democratic rights, of socialism!


Party of Labour of Austria
Communist Party of the Workers of Belarus
New Communist party of Britain
Union of Communists in Bulgaria
Party of Bulgarian Communists
Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
Communist Party in Denmark
Communist Party of Denmark
Pole of Communist Revival in France
Union of Revolutionary Communists in France
Communist Party of Macedonia
German Communist Party 
Unified Communist Party of Georgia
Communist Party of Greece
Hungarian Workers’ party
The Workers’ Party of Ireland
Communist Party (of Italy)
Socialist Party of Latvia
Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania
Communist Party of Malta
People’s Resistance, Moldova
New Communist Party of Nederlands
Communist Party of Norway
Communist Party of Poland
Communist Workers’ Party of Russia
Communist party of Soviet Union
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
Communist Party of Slovakia
Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
Communist Party of Sweden
Communist Party, Turkey
Union of Communists of Ukraine

Aquí EN ESPANOL la declaración de los Partidos Comunistas y Obreros para las elecciones europeas