Contribution by Communist Party of Norway

  • 12/12/16 3:40 PM
  • Διεθνές Τμήμα

The repeated discussions at the conference of the revolutionary RSDLP groups abroad, the Central Organ´s editors came to the conclusion that the slogan for a United States of Europe is an erroneous one.

Comrades, Communist Party of Norway (NKP) is very happy that The Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative has taken this initiative. The theme is very timely to discuss important and basic topics for a revolutionary way out for the working class and the people today, in the capitalist crises, where US and EU imperialism is military aggressive, and where large communist parties are creating illusions in the working class and the people, saying imperialist EU can be changed to socialism from inside.
EU is constructed as an instrument for the big transnational monopolists and financial oligarchs, to hinder the working class and the people to pursue a policy in their favor through their national class fights.

Communist party of Norway is a small party today. Communist party was fighting hard during the German Nazi-fascist occupation, and were very popular after the Second World War. The Norwegian Social Democratic Party worked with the US to build NATO, and criminalized the communists. The anti-communism has been strong all the years since then.

Lenin and the Bolsheviks showed us the great importance of keeping their banner high, and always reveal the deceit of the opportunists and their deviations from the
Revolutionary strategy, and therefore gained support from revolutionary working class, and creating basis for alliances with small peasants and semi proletarians..

Comrades, the Norwegian Social Democratic Party majority decided in 1923 to break out of the Third International, the Komintern. A large minority then decided to leave the party, and formed the Norwegian Communist party 4th of November 1923.
Many parliamentarians joined the party, and majorities in Bergen and Trondheim, and important newspapers. But the Party lost their seats after some years, and was reduced from a big Party to barely 2000 members just before 2nd WW.
When studying 1st Volume of NKP history, and relating the multiple ideological deviations of NKP compared to Lenin and the Bolsheviks ideological development and standard, it is obvious why NKP had serious trouble in gaining support and strength in the working class and people after the break from the Social democratic Party. This tells us that Lenin and the Great October Socialist Revolution have profound lessons to learn us today, where Monopolization is about total in the economy, the material basis for a socialist revolution is overdue.
The subjective factor, the ideological standard of the working class and the people has to be developed. They must learn about the real causes of the crisis and the class character of capitalist growth. This is necessary for the preparation of the labor-people´ s movement and the strengthening of the class struggle. The working class must understand the importance of the socialist organization of production, which is the only way to eradicate the causes of the crisis and capitalist exploitation.

In the none-revolutionary conditions we must devote our forces to preparing the subjective factor so that it can respond to its historical duties when a revolutionary situation is created – when those at the top cannot precede their ruling and those below no longer will submit to them.
Some views in the communist movement underestimate the antimonopoly – anti-capitalist line of struggle and the necessity for comprehensive preparation for the overthrow of capital, they do not take into account the potential for the developments to sharpen and for a revolutionary situation to manifest itself, as an objective phenomenon that can be created in the conditions of capitalist crisis and imperialist war. Historical experiences demonstrated that CPs were unprepared of the escalation of the class struggle, and were unable to fulfill their historical tasks.

The communist movement is facing an ideological-political and organizational crisis,
Seriously affected by the counterrevolution and opportunism has a major influence in its ranks. Under these conditions, the struggle for the regroupment of the international communist movement is a decisively important task.

• Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism in the Leninist position, it is not limitIing imperialism to the aggressive foreign policy of the USA or other powerful capitalist states.
• The counterrevolution and the negative change in the correlation of forces does not change the fact that socialism was constructed, and does not change the character of our era, inaugurated by the October Revolution, as the era of passage from capitalism to socialism. “The abolition of capitalism and its vestiges, and the establishment of the fundamentals of the communist order comprise the content of the new era of world history that has set in.” Lenin.
• The necessary condemnation of the EU and NATO, and the disengagement of every country from these imperialist organizations to be effective, it must be connected to the necessary overthrow of capital`s power by workers-people`s power. The social alliance of the working class and other popular strata, the regroupment and strengthening of the international communist movement are preconditions to pave the way for this project of hope.
• We must highlight the real causes of wars, the inter-imperialist contradictions and competition all over the planet amongst the USA, NATO, EU, Russia and other capitalist states, over energy resources, their transport routes, strategically important regions and maritime routes and control of markets.
• The Communist Movement must clarify their stance against imperialist wars, and specify the criteria and the important role of the just, revolutionary wars. Defense of national borders from the standpoint of the working class and the popular strata is inextricably linked to the struggle for the overthrow of the power of capital. The CP must be ready to lead the independent organization of the workers-people`s resistance and connect it with the struggle for the defeat of the bourgeois class, both the domestic and the invader.
• The counterrevolution in the USSR came “from within and above”, resulted from opportunism in the CP and multifaceted interventions by imperialism which led to a counterrevolutionary force. The overthrow of socialism was connected to the use of capitalist tools in order to deal with problems of socialist construction.
• “Models of socialism” as national specificities is not operating in the framework of the principles of scientific socialism and laws of socialist construction.
• Attempts to replace the necessity of the socialist revolution with bourgeois parliaments and “leftwing governments”, mixed economic system with capitalist businesses replacing the socialization of the means of production. State intervention to regulate the capitalist market replaces central planning.
• The Great October Socialist revolution is a historic milestone, a magnificent creation of the working class, of the class struggle.
• The communists believe in the strength of the working class, in the class struggle which is the motor force of social development and the international character of the class struggle requires that we make the greatest possible efforts and to form the bases to acquire ideological unity and a unified revolutionary strategy in conflict with capital and the system of exploitation.
• The Communists will demonstrate endurance and determination in the defense of the Marxist-Leninist worldview, playing a leading role every day in the workers-people`s struggles, in the antimonopoly-anticapitalistic struggle, to try to achieve the connection in all conditions between the daily activities and the struggle for revolutionary workers power.

Svend Haakon Jacobsen International Secretary