Communist Party of the Workers of Spain

  • 4/26/21 5:45 PM
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Validity of Lenin’s Work and Current Tasks for the Communist Parties

Intervention of the PCTE - On the Actuality of V.I. Lenin’s work
European Communist Initiative
April 22, 2021 - Online

Dear comrades,

first of all, I would like to greet the comrades of the different European Communist and Workers' Parties present today at this meeting of the European Communist Initiative, with whom, despite this year of global pandemic, we continue to have the opportunity to share spaces to work and have political debates like this.

Furthermore, I would also like to thank the Communist Party of Greece for their effort in convening and preparing this event, as well as organizing the simultaneous translations.

Today, we are in this event to exchange our analysis on the actuality of V.I. Lenin's work. Fortunately, in this space we start from a common premise: Lenin’s work, which we are analyzing today, is still fully valid, his teachings are tremendously up-to-date and can be applied to the context of the current class struggle.

When we speak about Lenin, it is necessary to start by saying that his work is a continuation of Marx and Engels’ work. What Lenin does is to develop Marxism in the new historical conditions of capitalism-imperialism. According to his teachings, the historical era of imperialism is the prelude to the proletarian revolution —ofSocialism.

Likewise, through his extensive work, Lenin also contributes to developing the three integral parts of Marxism: Philosophy, Political Economy and Scientific Communism. In this process, Lenin played an important role in the struggle against all the attempts to reform and distort Marxism. He struggled hard against the opportunist deviation within the Second International and worked hard to reestablish the revolutionary nature of Marxism by founding the Third International.

From this analysis of the development of capitalism as a mode of production, he concludes the necessityof the socialist revolution. But he also establishes that this socialist revolution requires a series of tasks to succeed, as well as the dictatorship of the proletariat in order to build the new Socialist-Communist society.

One of the necessary tasks is the constitution, organization and strengthening of the Communist Party as the guide and leader of the working class and the working masses. This Party is not a communist because its name says so or because it attributes this feature to itself, but it must rather be characterized by a series of particular elements —specified by Lenin— to define the Communist Party.

Another essential aspect of Lenin's work that is very topical at this time is the linking of strategy and tactics. Taking into account Lenin's teachings, we can clearly say that this is an important line for the communist parties, and that it is necessary to know how to identify and denounce when they renounce to the strategic interests of the working class in the name of tactics.

It is natural that a Communist Party tactically has to adapt to the different situations of the class struggle it is facing without compromising or repeatedly postponingthe main objective —the seizure of political power. The abandonment of the Leninist analysis of imperialism, of the State, of political power, of the basic tasks of the working class at present, has historically led to the collapse of the Communist Parties and their transformation into organizations that can be formally called“Communist Party” but are materially subordinated to the interests of the bourgeoisie.

This situation is present today in the International Communist Movement and in the political context of our country in particular. This is why it is important for the Communist Parties to stay firm in the principles of Marxism-Leninism, to use these principles, this work and these lessons from Lenin for our daily class struggle.

We have the duty to fight under conditions that are given to us, which are not chosen nor prepared at the will of the working class, and more so in this context of class struggle marked by this world pandemic.

The current situation places us in the framework of an economic crisis catalyzed by the pandemic, but which had already been brewing in previous years. This crisis finds the working class and the peoples without having recovered from the effects of the previous crisis of 2008.

Taking into account Lenin's analysis on the nature of the State, and regardless of the political wing of the ruling parties, they are dedicating enormous efforts since the onset of the pandemic to safeguard the interests of the big monopolies through various political and economic measures. In Spain, the socialdemocratic government, which includes the Socialist Party (PSOE) and Podemos —belonging the Communist Party of Spain to it too—, has been a clear example of this action, acting to support the interests of capital, supposedly in the name and benefit of the working class.

Comrades, we are in the transitional stage from Capitalism to Socialism. The guarantee of the success of our struggle for Socialism depends on our learnings forged in the experience of the Russian Revolution of 1917, on the principles of revolutionary action synthesized by Lenin and on the experience of the International Communist Movement in the more than 100 years elapsed since the breakup with Social Democracy.

Communist Party of Workers of Spain (PCTE).