Communist Party of the Workers of Belarus

  • 11/29/13 3:41 PM


The Belarusian Communist Workers Party was founded in 2009 by the Communists separated, firstly from the Belarusian Communist Party because of its alliance with right-wing parties and its renaming into the Belarusian Left Party "Fair World"; and secondly from the Belarusian Communist Party because of its opportunistic programs and activities in support of the bourgeois regime.

Moreover, all founders of BCWP are former members of the Belarusian Republic Organization of the Soviet Union Communist Party.
BCWP is a Marxist party keeping the positions of constructive opposition. It supports the government proceedings that correspond to interests of working class. It struggles with the market bourgeois ruling elite policy.

BCWP achieves the return of the republic on the rout of

  • revolutionary regeneration of Soviet power;
  • real scientific socialism;
  • renovation the sovereignty of Belarus in the updated Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

BCWP carries ideological and organizational links with the Soviet Union Communist Party.

In the international arena BCWP takes up a cause of close cooperation between revolutionary Marxist-Leninist parties in the struggle for the abolition of global capital, it also struggles against its policy of military and political elite, headed forward to achieving unchallenged world domination and neo-fascist world order. BCWP is for proletarian solidarity and socialism. BCWP struggles against revisionism and opportunism in the communist and labour movement. Our main goal is to build communism, which is a society of social justice.

The supreme body of the party is the Congress. The governing body is the Central Committee of BCWP; its controlling body is Auditing Commission.

The First Secretary of the Central Committee BCWP is Ivan Akinchits (Brest). The Central Committee secretaries of BCWP are Valery Drako (Minsk), Vladimir Avchinkin (Bobruisk, Mogilev region), Stanislav Okruzhko (Minsk), Leonid Shkolnikov (Minsk).

The Party size is 1500 members (December 1, 2013). They live, work and struggle in all regions of the Republic of Belarus and hero- city Minsk.

BCWT signed the Pyongyang Declaration (1992) in defense of socialism, together with 30 other European parties established the “Initiative”, regularly participates in meetings and seminars of the Communist and Labour parties.

Party is supported and cooperated by

  • Republican Social Association “For the Union and the Communist Party of the Union”,
  • Social Association “For democracy, social progress and justice”,
  • International Union of Soviet Officers named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Admiral N.I.Hovrina,
  • International Social Association “For the Motherland! For Stalin!”,
  • Social Association “Belarusian Republican Friends Society of Korean people named after Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong iI”.

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus 5 times denied state registration of BCWP. As it is legally prohibited for parties in the Republic of Belarus to work before their state registration, BCWP works within the country under the leadership of the Republican Committee of Party Establishment; and outside the country - under the leadership of the Central Committee BCWP. Currently the Party is trying for the 6th time to register.

Address for correspondence: Republic of Belarus, 220123, Minsk -123, private box № 268. ROO SKPS.

Fax: (+ 375 17) 334-05-52

E- mail:

Party materials and its electronic newspaper "Fidelity" posted on the site in the Internet: