Communist Party of Turkey

  • 5/9/17 1:02 PM

Dear Comrades,

Two days from now, 72nd anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany by Red Army will be celebrated. I would like to point to three contemporary deviations about this important victory in our history, without going much into detail and by avoiding repetitions.

1) Victory against fascism was gained together with allies or with their support.

No, victory against fascism definitely belongs to the Red Army.

Because the Second World War is not solely based on an anew imperialist share, unlike the First World War. It is a war started by imperialist countries with the aim of erasing the first socialist country of the world. Of course, the ambitions of German monopoly capital, problems resulting from the First World War, and class war in Germany cannot be neglected. We should also add the desire of US imperialism to re-share. However, US, English and French imperialism let pass fascists come into power in Italy, Spain and Germany unchallenged. The reason for this is that the imperialist strategy was, from the very beginning, founded on Nazi attack against Soviets.

Due to the same reason, “Allies” waited for the finalization of Nazi defeat and retreat of Nazis before the Red Army but then assaulted various regions in Europe to stop the advent of the Red Army. Thus, German cities were bombed barbarically by American and English armies, the first nuclear weapons were tried on the people of Japan.

The facts that Soviets could not be erased despite the heavy prices it paid and that it came out of war growing stronger are victories won not only against Nazis, but also against the whole capitalist system.

2) Victory belongs to Soviet People in the war against Nazis.

Of course, the extraordinary role of the Soviet people in the war costing 25 million lives cannot be denied. But if it was not for the vanguard of the proletariat, this victory would have been impossible. What defined the result was the organization and political will of CPSU whose general secretary was Stalin. Efforts to liquidate or diminish this factor in history are useless.

In addition, the role of the vanguard party in the victory is not limited to the war period. Collectivization in agriculture conducted throughout 30s, planned development and shortly the establishment of socialism despite enemies of the class laid the foundations of victory.

3) Russian history is an uninterrupted continuum from Peter the First to Putin and the victory against fascism belongs to this entirety.

No, an entirety emptied from its class content cannot be hold responsible for the victory. History of Russia is composed of a long standing feudal state and the dominance of landed gentry, then a very short-term bourgeois government in 1917, following that a proletarian revolution and its rule, a counterrevolution in 1990’s and the governance of the capital that was rapidly monopolized.

Victory against fascism belongs first to working class of the Republics of Soviet Union and then to the working class of the world. It does not, by any means, belong to nationalism excreted by today’s monopolist state of Russia.

After mentioning these three contemporary deviations, let me finalize my words by making this determination for today: The tactics of pre-Second World War in which fascism was rising are not valid today. In today’s world where imperialism threatens humanity with a war of share, political organizations of the proletariat should not aim for an anti-fascist front with various sections of the bourgeoisie; rather they should organize for demand of political power, against bourgeoisie as a whole. This is not just a theoretical truth; we have entered a period full of potentialities that can be put into practice at any moment.

Down with imperialism!

Long live the victory of the proletariat and socialism!

Erhan Nalçacı

Member of CC to TKP, Responsible for International Relations