Communist Party of Slovakia

  • 12/3/13 11:16 AM


Communist Party of Slovakia resumed its activities in 1992; it refers to the historical Communist Party of Slovakia in which it was active in Slovakia from 1938 to 1992 as a part of the historic Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (CPC) which was established in 1921.

Communist Party of Slovakia is a Marxist, following to the progressive traditions of the national, democratic, anti-fascist movement and to the labor movement of the people of the Slovak Republic, the former Communist Party and Communist Party of Slovakia learn by the doctrine of Marx, Engels, Lenin and other thinkers of humanity, who have dealt with problems of social humanism - communism, democracy and social justice.

Communist Party of Slovakia aims to build socialism, democratic society, political and economic pluralism, self-governing, prosperous, socially just, enabling everyone to work, to exercise their hard work and talents, giving everyone the opportunity to actively participate in creating its own future, to ensuring for all a decent life.

Communist Party of Slovakia based on the historical and the experience development of the socialist society and seeks to restore communist movement and updating its original ideas. Democratic methods is to contribute to the establishment of non-capitalist social order in which the benefit of workers will use by combining the planning in the market mechanisms with the results of the most modern science and technology.