Communist Party of Poland

  • 1/12/13 12:11 PM


Communist Party of Poland was created in 2002 on the base of the Union of Polish Communists “Proletariat”, which had existed since 1990 and was liquidated by the state authorities due to formal procedures. CPP upholds tradition of the communist party existing in Poland from 1918 to 1938 and Polish revolutionary workers movement that dates to the 70’s of the 19th century. It also preserves good traditions of the socialist system existing in Poland before 1989.

The CPP was reestablished on the base of previous communist movement in contrary to opportunistic and technocratic line of the main left wing party – Alliance of Democratic Left (SLD) that includes former leadership of the Polish United Workers Party (PZPR) which has participated in dismantling socialism after 1989 and reestablishment of capitalism in Poland. From the start CPP has denounced a centrist and pro-capitalist line of the SLD and bourgeois governments it was creating and participating in.

CPP has remained a determined Marxist party and the only clearly anti-capitalist one in a moment when capitalism was the dominant ideology in Poland. The aim of changing the system and establishing socialism and later communism are part of the Party’s program. It supports the planned economy with full employment and better management of the resources.

CPP has always strongly opposed privatization and capitalist transformation of the economy – tendencies supported by all other political parties in Poland. In its program it has postulates of social management of means of production and supports common management of companies by workers and the state. This is combined with demand of transparency of the economic system and liquidation of social gaps that after 1989 has risen dramatically. CPP supports restitution of the collective agriculture but on more efficient base than it was before 1989.

CPP has always been an anti-imperialist and anti-militarist party. From the start it has opposed participation of Poland in NATO and its imperialist wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Polish communists participated in social protests against the so called “war on terrorism” and Polish involvement in it. They opposed project of establishment of the US anti-missile shield and its installations on Polish soil.

CPP opposes anti-communism, that has become a part of capitalist ideology in Poland. It defends monuments associated with communist and socialist movements, names of the streets and other symbols. CPP fights against falsifying history for example by equaling communism with fascism.

The main campaigns of the CPP in 2013 were:
- support of various strikes and trade union protests, actions against liquidation of the 8 hour workday and rising of the pension age to 67 years,
- protests against falsifying history,
- protests against anti-social housing policy in Poland,
- support for people protesting against exploitation of the shale gas, resulting destruction of the environment and neo-colonial policy of Chevron and other transnational companies searching for shale gas in Poland.

The highest organ of the Party is the Congress. It decides about its policy and elects members of the Central Committee. The last 3rd Congress took place in December 2010. Krzysztof Szwej was elected the Chairman of the Party.

CPP publishes its monthly magazine “Brzask”, 250 issues were already published.