Communist Party of Norway

  • 5/11/17 10:12 AM

Communist Party of Norway (NKP) thanks KKE, TKP and their German affiliates for organizing this important Event of the European Communist INITIATIVE here in Berlin, Germany, where the Red Army, the USSR played a decisive role in crushing the fascist imperialist bloc.
9th of May 1945 fascist Germany surrendered unconditionally. The victory was sealed in this way, with enormous losses and sacrifices for the liberation of the peoples.

Norway was attacked by fascist Germany 9th of April 1940. The Germans giant battleshipBlücher, the command of the occupant forces, was sunk in Oslo fiord. German fascist occupant forces controlled the capital Oslo 10th of April. On the same day communist resistance were already active, putting out the rumor that Great Britain was going to bomb the capital Oslo. When thousands started to flee, the occupants were not capable of controlling and keeping the people back. Fleeing young people were armed and joined the resistance to halt the fascist German occupant forces advancing to the north, trying to stop the fleeing Norwegian government and the King. The King and the government did not surrender Norwayto the fascist German occupant, and they managed to flee the country, and left for Great Britain where they stayed during the occupation.

Communist Party newspaper Arbeideren (“the Worker”) was the only daily paper that 10th of April 1940 did not obey the directive of the Nazi Party Chairman Quisling to print his speech to the Norwegian people. Communist Party, communist and partisan groups like the International communist “Wollweber” group stood for most of the organized militant sabotage and armed resistance against the fascist occupant and their Nazi Quisling collaborators.The communist sabotage and resistance was very important, both hindering fascist Germany materially, and strengthening the national resistance spirit and coercion. The fascist German occupant had to keep a larger contingent ofmilitary troops in Norway,whichthey much needed on other fronts.

The government in exile did not support and help the communists, it cooperated with bourgeois and social-democratic based resistance, which lay low, and first started to be active early autumn of 1944, when Finland was forced to drop the alliance with fascist Germany, one year after the Red Army had won the decisive tank battle of Kursk. 7th of October 1944 the Red Army attacked the fascist German forces in the north, and by 8th of November East-Finnmarkwas freed. Red Army lost in this operationalone close to 16000 Soviet soldier lives.

The fascist German forces in Norway capitulated on May 8th1945. The Communists fight had cost heavy losses. 80% of our CC was executed and murdered.The party suffered heavy losses all over Norway. The communist partisans crossing the Soviet border lost 80%, the International Wollweber group sufferedalso heavy losses.


The Soviet Union and our Communist Party was very popular in the Norwegian population after the war. The Norwegian Social-democratic Party was afraid of the competition from the Communist Party, and they covertly cooperated with the US intelligence to establish the “North Atlantic Treaty” NATO. To achieve this imperialist goal, the Communist Party, and communist supporters had to be criminalized. Around 30000 people were illegally spied on by 9000 persons who were paid to spy on them and report. This special activity kept on till around 1970. Communists and supporters were thrown out of their positions in the trade unions and other society organizations, many lost their jobs, were psychiatric ill, left work and public life.
Still General Secretary Håkon Lie of the Social-democratic Party, and his Secretariat to a large extent had to manipulate the local elections of delegates to the Social-democratic Party Congress, to obtain the necessary majority tosupport the establishment of, and the Norwegian membership in the “North Atlantic Treaty”.

Comrades, anticommunism in Norway still is very active, and take many forms. ”Leftwing” parties who accept “Social-democratic reality” get support from mainstream media during the election campaign, promoted as“radical”, “close to communist”, so that the Communist election lists lose attention and support in the Parliamentary and the Community Elections. The Communist Party is not invited to the Television debates in neither channels.

Capitalism led to the Second World War. Socialist USSR was the decisive factor of the Great Antifascist Victory. After the Second World War, countries in East and Central Europe, as well as in Asia and Latin-America chose the road to Socialism.

Comrades, in spite of the setbacks, the counterrevolution, we live in the imperialist eraof transition from capitalism to socialism. There have been both successes and setbacks, both good and bad conditions for revolutions, but capitalism is outdated, and the global victory of socialism is inevitable!

Comrades, the intrinsic over-accumulation crises of Capitalism threaten Imperialism. Big Transnationals and Finance capital, EU, USA, NATO and their allies work together to fight true history of socialism. Thus they need torewrite the historic realities of the Soviet Union and the real socialist experiences, especially for the young generations.

Our revolutionary communist movement need to recruit and develop the young generations from the working class and the peoples,and prepare them for the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism, the workers’ people`s power, socialization of the means of production, central planning, for socialism-communism, a society without man’s exploitation by man.