Announcement of the Secretariat of the INITIATIVE on the persecutions of the workers of EADS in Spain

  • 4/7/14 12:21 PM

The Spanish Attorney has issued a recommendation to serve 8 years and 3 months for 8 workers of the company EADS CASA AIRBUS for exerting their right for strike and promoting this right among the workers of the company. The Secretariat of the “INITIATIVE of Communist and Workers’ Parties to study and elaborate European issues and to coordinate their activity” declares the following:

The General Strike on September 29th, 2010, was the necessary response of the working class in face of the labour counter-reform through which the Spanish government, representative of the monopolies, put forward anti-workers' measures such as the reduction of the cost of dismissals and the liquidation of the public system of pensions.

That day, the repressive forces brutally entered the premises of Airbus in Madrid and attacked the workers, even using fire arms.

The Attorney's decision, recommending several years of prison for the 8 workers, is an attack to the right to strike and an attempt to intimidate the whole working class in a scenario of intensification of their struggle against the liquidation of their labour rights, against the massive forced unemployment, against the advance of misery and the tightening of the exploitation rate. All this is being used by the governments of monopolies in order to try to recover their crisis and the historical exhaustion of the capitalist mode of production, unloading their consequences on the backs of the workers.

Only the joint and sustained struggle of the working class in the perspective of the conquest of its own Power will put an end to the repressive violence of the employers, the monopolies and their State.

We call the workers' and people's organizations to join the campaign of support to the workers on trial.

We call the working class to join, raise and strenghten the united class-oriented front that will put an end to the political trials aimed at liquidating the right to strike, a historial conquest of the working class, and the persecution and criminalization of its organizations and leaders.