Announcement of the INITIATIVE against anticommunism, against the banning of Communist Parties and their symbols

  • 3/14/14 3:50 PM

The historical events and facts have to be evaluated on the basis of the historical experience with the struggle and interests of the working people as the criterion.

From the nineties we witnessed the continuous falsified history. The vulgar and intellectual wave of the anti-communism haunts Europe and is trying to slander the historical contribution of socialism in the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries. This campaign is continuously increasing, in proportion to the continuous deterioration of the living standards to the majority of the population of EU countries.

The “INITIATIVE" of Communist and Workers’ Parties to study and elaborate European issues and to coordinate their activity“ exposes the wickedness of the arguments anticommunist forces, which nowadays have the power and the control of the propaganda mechanisms.

1. The amendments of the Criminal code which were approved by some parliaments of some former socialist countries of the EU are a continuation of the ideological-political offensive of the ruling class in order to impose its interests.

2. The amendment of the Criminal Code is based on the prevalent theories of totalitarianism, which was drafted in the 20 century in the USA as an ideological weapon in the fight against the Soviet Union, socialism. And that establishes a parallel between Nazism and communism; the ideology of totalitarianism became the official ideology of the EU and the governments in many members-states as well as in other capitalist states.The purpose of anticommunist legislation is the strengthening of the dictatorship of capital. The supporters of the system are aware that the majority of the workers does not have a positive opinion about the system, should thus focus on indoctrinating, manipulating and intimidating the peoples. The aim is to criminalize the struggle for socialism which is the real alternative to capitalism, so that people are intimidated and give up on the struggle for the abolition of the exploitation of man by man.

3. The intensification of the anti-communist offensive as a whole and especially in the former socialist countries and the ban of the Communist symbols escalated during the capitalist crisis, worsening the situation of the working class, popular strata delusions reinforced the fear and insecurity about the future. The case of Ukraine is characteristic, where the USA and the EU are supporting a government in which even fascist parties participate. We denounce anti-communism and the acts of vandalism against the monuments of Lenin and other anti-fascist monuments. We condemn the plans to ban the Communist Party and the communist ideology in Ukraine.

The anti-communist campaign also has concrete examples in other European countries where it is carried out with legal mechanisms focused on preventing the activities of the communist and workers’ parties and an ideological campaign aimed at discrediting the struggle for Socialism and thus showing the fear of the ruling class about the possibility of growing revolutionary action among the working masses.

The anticommunist offensive also goes hand in hand with the intensification of the imperialist aggressiveness and is attempting to impede the struggle of the communists against the imperialist wars and interventions of the USA, NATO and the EU against the peoples which have painful consequences.

4. Inside these developments we note the growth of the forces of fascism and respectively the strengthening of pro-fascist tendencies, racism, xenophobia and militarism. Capitalism is the matrix of fascism, its tool against the struggle of the labor and communist movement.

5. The amendment of the Criminal code is a legal support for political processes and interventions which impede the objective historical research, prejudging its results and utilizing them in order to slander socialism.

The INITIATIVE of Communist and Workers’ Parties to study and elaborate European issues and to coordinate their activity“ calls on workers for greater resistance to the persecution of communists and workers' parties and their symbols outside the law, in order to abolish in practice every anti-communist measure. The struggle of the working class has to consider this task as a priority, as the anti-communist campaign is trying to prevent even more the final goal of emancipating all the exploited people. In our fight we are carrying on despite these anti-communist laws. Their arguments are weak, shatter and we can deal with them decisively in a joint struggle together with the people’s forces.